Online teaching into a hot investment Lynda com financing 100 million page screenshot


technology news Beijing time January 16th noon news, online learning service provider announced on Wednesday that the company has completed a new round of financing, funds raised $103 million, Accel Partners and Spectrum Equity and other investment companies involved in this round of financing. CEO Eric · Robison (Eric Robison) said, this is also the first company from external financing, and will take the expansion to the overseas market, develop new content areas, improve network teaching platform and video quality. was founded in 1995 to provide online training and teaching video content. Unlike the Khan Academy competitors, charge a subscription fee for content, the monthly fee starting at $25. said in a statement, the company’s customers include primary and secondary schools, universities and government agencies, and in the fortune 100 companies, more than half of its customers.

education and training has recently become a hot investment areas, Chegg and other teaching materials such as Edmodo rental services online classroom training network, has recently been financing.

is reported that, Meritech Capital Partners also participated in the round of financing.

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