MT students founded Pixable was 26 million 500 thousand acquisition


Pixable was founded by several students of MIT, it is a picture aggregation tool, you can choose the most intelligent algorithm to meet the user’s taste picture. Since three years on the line, its App downloads have been more than 4 million times. Recently, the New York start-up company was acquired by Singapore Telecom, the acquisition price of $26 million 500 thousand.


Pixable is founder of MIT background, technical nature has its attractions. Pixable using machine learning intelligent algorithm, the image on the network for intelligent screening, and then according to user preferences to match the recommendation. This approach is very pleasing to the user, there are more than half of the users on the Pixable every day to view the contents of the Pixable.

for users, if you like funny pictures, you will find a lot of content you like on the Pixable, which may come from Facebook, 9Gag, Levato and other content on the site. If you like a star, Pixable will help you to Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram star photos caught.

Singapore Telecom has 462 million mobile phone users in Asia and africa. The acquisition of Pixable, is hoping to use Pixable technology to provide more services for their mobile phone users, such as through intelligent algorithms to help users select and organize photos and other content, etc..

for the acquisition, CEO Inaki Berenguer said it could help Pixable get more users, especially in emerging markets. But the future will not be an independent Pixable products exist, is still unknown.

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