A new station to the wise remark of an experienced person

I was regarded as a new person to do WAP station, just do a short six months. He was just keen on mobile phone Internet, so just try to play, the mentality of building a WAP station, first focus to engage in popularity above, don’t think too much about the income of things. To the late, popularity up, of course, thinking about how to make money. Advertising is the most direct, but for those who are not familiar with the advertising alliance, just listen to a few familiar stationmaster, rushed into an alliance called MMC, try to send advertising.

MMC union customer service staff is still relatively easy to communicate, but in the early stages of advertising, the effect is very poor. Discussion, I often go to linger in the webmaster and found a lot of people say MMC buckle serious. At that time, I felt a little angry, estimated that the effect is poor because of the amount of MMC. So look for MMC’s customer service to the theory, but they said there was no deduction, saying that my site and advertising methods. Give me some tips, at that time, I do not quite understand the WAP ads, they had to try to see.

adjusted the strategy, two weeks down, the effect has been significantly improved, gradually, began to change the amount of MMC has changed. These methods can be used here to share with you:

1 according to the characteristics of their web site users, advertising language. This is the advice provided by the MMC alliance, when they are based on the results of my poor advertising, made a analysis, and help me change the advertising language. This effect is very obvious, before I just put the ad ad agreed directly to use, no effect. But after changing the advertising language, the effect has been significantly improved. And then go to the other side of the shop a little, with a few webmaster exchange, it seems that only MMC provide these personalized skills analysis services. This service is very useful for the novice.

2 is the way the ads are delivered. MMC recently pushed some software and game ads. The customer advised me to take games and software installation package directly on the web site, let users download directly, avoid page switch errors, resulting in failure to download. On the other hand, it is also able to simplify the download process for the user, thereby promoting the download rate. I understand that many webmasters are directly linked to the advertising code and the original advertising slogan directly on the site, in fact, it is difficult to contribute to advertising revenue.

3 is worth mentioning is that MMC is now the new owners for beginners will provide a set of prepackaged advertising, from the advertisement design and delivery method, are already planned, provide clear guidelines for novice webmaster. This is better to help the owners get the benefits, they also help track the effect of advertising tracking, providing some suggestions for the optimization of the late.

above, I am working with MMC some experience. For all the serious problems of MMC, I think that the amount of deduction will be in every league, >

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