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June 4th afternoon, Beijing, Zhichun Road, an office building in. Zhang Yiming Qiazhao time went to the conference room, first through the glass to the familiar reporters waved, just push the door, squeeze through a narrow passage, sit down at the other end of the table.

the Fujian man just over thirty years of age, but it has become one of the most popular Internet circle of entrepreneurs. He had been involved in the creation of cruel dispatch, Fanfou and 99 rooms, is now doing a "class of information applications in today’s headlines, this week has just completed a $100 million C round of financing.

but in front of reporters Zhang Yiming, more like a "Indoorsman Engineer". He is of medium build, looks ordinary, wearing a pair of myopia glasses, wearing light colored T-shirts and casual pants, and other employees of the company is not much difference. His men more love to call him "Yiming", rather than "zhang".

technology origin Zhang Yiming is not used to dealing with the media. After the A round and B round of financing, today’s headlines are not widely publicized; to the C round, the marketing department was "forced" Zhang Yiming held a media communication will be small, in order to facilitate the promotion, he rarely go into the spotlight.

Zhang Yiming seems to increase exposure in the media, today’s headlines will be an important attempt in 2014. Born in August 2012 today’s headlines, but also with the $100 million into the account of a new stage of development.

C round of financing is the lead investor Sequoia Capital, and today’s headlines closely micro-blog (18.78, 0.46, 2.51%) was carried out with the vote. Market rumors, the two companies of today’s headlines valuation of up to $500 million, while Zhang Yiming said with a smile, the actual number is higher.

Behind the high valuation of

, today’s headlines beautiful operating data. The company currently has only 200 people, but in less than two years to get the activation of 120 million users, daily active users amounted to 13 million.

last year, today’s headlines completed B $10 million round of financing, investors include Heiner Asia and DST. Since then, it has become the darling of capital chasing. "Every one or two months, the agency will ask us about our operations. We then consider that, after the Spring Festival and then consider the C round." Zhang Yiming said.

latest round of financing is progressing very smoothly, the two sides only talked about a month to finalize the program. More importantly, Zhang Yiming and his team and not because of financing and losing control of the company; and micro-blog Sequoia Capital did not set the stage of operational and financial objectives for today’s headlines, the pace of development is still controlled by the company itself.

Zhang Yiming repeatedly stressed that our company is not very radical". In other words, he is willing to a higher valuation and also unwilling to compromise, to the highest bidder. He will pick the most suitable investors, one of the criteria is that the other party can understand today

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