DG personal website has the potential to invest in gambling

In yesterday’s "2006 Chinese webmaster forum and the second China webmaster General Assembly", compared with the more than and 200 personal website on behalf of, only a few of the risk investment institutions (hereinafter referred to as: venture capital) on behalf of concern. Even the host announced by the wind on behalf of the delegation came to the lottery, the applause is particularly large.

because these people can determine the number of capital gains. At the meeting, the famous venture capital firm IDG partner Lin Dongliang on the personal website has considerable investment potential position, so that webmasters who are very excited. More importantly, the pillars of the forest stand is the background – – $3 billion venture capital will enter China this year".

IDG group visit investment object

famous venture capitalists IDG sent out a strong lineup: Lin Dongliang, partner to partner Acer, vice president Chang Chen, vice president Mao Chengyu and investment manager Chen Hongwu six. A close contact and IDG site CEO said with a smile, "can come around here".

Shanghai securities news was informed that the day before the meeting, the arrival of the IDG has been called in advance of its twenty or thirty selected personal website, one by one, 6vs1 dialogue.

is an invited personal webmaster said, about half an hour to start a dialogue on their respective websites, mainly in the form of venture capital, personal webmaster to answer questions, problems include basic information, website traffic, website user characteristics, prospects and other aspects. As for the subsequent development of the conversation, it is necessary to wait until after the IDG back to study further contact.

at yesterday’s meeting, Lin Dongliang’s position is perhaps IDG of the dialogue concluded: "IDG through the meeting, contact more than 30 personal sites, many of which have investment potential, IDG will also select some further investment matters to communicate." Lin also deliberately stressed: IDG is in the country to support the risk of investment in most of the early personal website, because this is the Internet industry has the most vitality and innovative spirit of a group".

is in the gambling man

and a flood of capital, have their own characteristics and potential of the personal website is everywhere to take root, which increases the selection and decision-making cost to the limited manpower investment risk, also derived from "stationmaster Congress" the collective forms of communication.

for the helpless, Chang Chen to the Shanghai Securities News said, sometimes to a certain extent is in "gambling", to understand the people to understand the project, the first is the evaluation of the person or team has been in the industry and recognition. In fact, the invitation to talk to the list, is a wide range of contacts from the industry to recommend IDG related partners come.

Chang Chen also stressed that despite a lot of contact, but the real investment decisions will be very cautious. In addition to the preliminary investigation, venture capital will also avoid the risk of investment through the terms of the contract and other mechanisms.


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