Wangzhuan should have their own website

if you want to enter the higher, want to make money from the network, then I suggest you first to have a web site, even if it is a NetEase of Sina blog, blog or blog, but it is best to have a Wangzhuan network as a personal independence blog. Have a website you can show your talent, you have the military martial arts.

1, web site can quickly improve your computer level.

has a personal website, you have access to a variety of languages, HTML, ASP, PHP, C, Java, VB and so on, you will slowly understand the domain name, virtual host, website procedures and other knowledge. Web site can continue to urge you to learn, in the process of continuous selection of virtual host, you will slowly understand the operating system, database, computer configuration, anti-virus software and other computer knowledge. If you are a novice suggest that you look at the novice web page production tutorials and tools

2, the website can grasp your initiative.

no matter what home website or blog space, as long as your speech, published slightly when the deviation or blog popularity rose, would have been deleted, and received titles, you hard to lay the blog world, instantly be destroyed on one day. The individual independent blog, you are the boss, you want to publish anything you can. Especially for us to do network promotion staff, the project information is a great help.

3, the site can make you more opportunities to make money.

because you have your own personal Wangzhuan site, you can apply for any advertising a Wangzhuan alliance, and participate in their Wangzhuan project, so more opportunities to make money. If your Wangzhuan SEO skills are good enough, you will find that your website is an automatic money machine.

4, the site allows you to make more like-minded friends.

because of common interests, because the common network dream, in the money on the road, because of your personal website, you will find a lot of friends and a person of noble aspirations will give you more advice, to expand their network of contacts in the imperceptibly. Contacts is money pulse!

5, the site can continue to improve your reputation.

a successful website can not only earn more RMB and USD for you, but more importantly, improve your reputation. One day when you launch a new electronic version or Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial you will find that there will be a lot of people do not have to participate in publicity and purchase.

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