Mainstream electricity providers have raised the cost of shipping a little difficult to post the fut

with free shipping threshold increased, postage concessions will become a new way of business platform competition. B2C electricity supplier logistics and distribution costs will further refine the standard

online shopping consumers accustomed to B2C electricity supplier Website Package post, may not be so easy. Jingdong mall [micro-blog] last week as a whole free shipping starting point to go up 20 yuan, gold, silver, Bronze Member Member Member, registered members to buy import goods, spending 79 yuan free postage; Diamond Membership purchase proprietary products, spending 59 yuan free postage; did not reach the free shipping threshold to collect 5 yuan postage. Prior to this, Amazon [micro-blog] will be free of charge from the end of 2014 to raise the standard from 49 yuan to $99, easy fast network is raised from $29 to $49 postal packet.

all the major electricity supplier why have raised freight standard? Industry experts said that the increase of free postage is normal means of enterprises to increase the logistics system, reduce the pressure distribution at the same time, the major electricity supplier logistics distribution has been completed, in improving delivery experience at the same time also will inevitably face a further cost of upgrading the pressure. For consumers, once the package post discount is no longer, it will give the daily online shopping consumption, especially the lower cost of daily shopping online bring some impact. Beijing white-collar Zhao Keke told reporters: I was almost all kinds of daily necessities are on the Internet to buy, but if you have to make up a relatively large list can be mailed, it would be better to buy in the supermarket." The number of B2C sites with the shop owner Zhao Gang said: "the domestic online shopping consumers have become accustomed to the low threshold of shipping, I also tried to increase shipping standards, can be seen from the sales effect immediately."

with free shipping threshold increased, postage concessions will become a new way of business platform competition. Gome online, said that in its 418 shopping big lie anniversary activities, zero threshold package will become an important selling point, the old members of the purchase of goods do not own self exempt threshold. 1 shop also said that the free shipping standards will be reduced to 58 yuan in the province of 11. Relevant responsible person said, although the standard free shipping only dropped 1 yuan, but this is actually going through the warehouse operations, category matrix sorting, reduce inventory turnover days, large order processing, paperless and a series of projects to achieve supply chain innovation. The Jingdong will also be "shipping" as the promotion of services from mentioning the "handle", opened in 67 universities in the Jingdong school campus store, students choose from mentioning the goods, can be directly removed from freight.

future B2C electricity providers in the logistics and distribution costs will further refine the standard." Shop 1, the relevant responsible person to remind consumers, each electricity supplier free shipping standard will involve area and weight and whether self factors such as specific queries in the official website of enterprises "distribution scope, time and cost should be before consumers buy" page. (Economic Daily reporter Chen Jing)

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