Ask eleven double network network warfare reinforcement LETV November Wine Ecological ecological int

in the double eleven Eve, LETV day ago in Beijing announced the launch of "smart ecological season" national carnival, the integration of the major ecological power play, "capture" the people "chop hand" in November. Network network as the only one in the eco FMCG category of the plate, launched the "quality ecological season", to Wine consumer to consumer life quality reached the incision area, reconstruction of 919 Carnival event, is expected to become the November season of "ecological intelligence LETV jones".


this year, to join the network network Penfolds Penfolds, Chile, Rafi concha, Jiannanchun, Wuliangye, Moutai, the big wine Chateau open November quality ecological Carnival season. Liquor, wine, beer, Wine whole category of the ultimate benefit of large full cut coupons imagination free shipping experience, law, morality, beauty and wisdom "global wine producing areas Wine naked price" appearance, open up cross-border ecological staged crazy gifts to buy smart products, presents a set of quality, affordable, as one of the intelligent feast for fans of


1.11 yuan spike for 12 days to create the whole season wine Carnival

and create a "double eleven day purchase", network network this year pushing the entire season carnival atmosphere, from November 1st onwards, the ecological quality of season has been opened, and lasted until November 12th, the full release of fans of consumer demand. Daily has become a full season Carnival crazy seckill tipping point: global super explosion models 1.11 yuan, 10:00, 15:00, 21:00 three seckill non-stop for 12 days non-stop crazy, 36 big enough to seckill oligomerization, seconds of stimulation, second value.

in the meantime, fans can also enjoy 99 yuan 11 yuan, 299 yuan 51 yuan, 599 yuan by the 111 yuan preferential price no threshold, let more.

liquor strength to join the famous big naked price buy global

this year, Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Fen, red star, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Niulanshan’s favorite brand of liquor for the first time to join network network "ecological quality season", which is the extension of network network global supply chain to the category of liquor quality. The official said, the new liquor category will be resorted to ecological bottom price, which Wuliangye Luzhou only sold 699 yuan.

Wine, wine, beer special activities is wonderful, 100 yuan to buy the wine all over the world. In addition, Rafi Penfolds, yellow tail and other popular brands for having heard it many times, Wilfred manor, Brown Kang Tian Jia manor, beautiful manor Zhuang Wine at different stage, show the world class climate. In 12 years, Chivas special wine, brandy, whiskey Hennessy VSOP Cognac JACK DANIELS, Martell and other brands of collective appearance, which Bacardi Rum is unprecedented price hit 59 yuan.

addition, the combination of the opportunity to enjoy more than 9 yuan per share to enjoy the ultimate naked price. Reporters from the network network to see, Mingzhuang explosion can save up to 118 yuan, Scotch Whisky Chang.

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