Google Adwords how to save money series two page load time of four elements

we all know that the speed of the web page is a very important factor affecting the user experience, we may not know the speed of the web page, a direct impact on the quality of Google Adwords score.

page opening speed, in Google Adwords with the "load time" to express, was added to the Google in April 2008 to affect the quality score factor.

you may say, I did not find where you can see the loading time o, then I’ll tell you in any one of the words of your state of this column, we can see an icon, we put up the mouse, can see the pop-up layer showing the loading time at the bottom, if "no problem, congratulations to you, your website can also speed, if" this page loading is very slow, "I’m sorry, you need to optimize your website, web pages open faster, you can take the following measures:

buy better server space

rent a server

optimize your program

in short, you have to try your best to become "no problem", if you do not care about money, no problem, you can not care about this kind of reminder.

let’s take a look at how Google is to judge a web page loading time, I summarized as four elements:

first, the loading time is determined by the ad group + domain name. In other words, the same group of the following key words will be the same load time, even if the domain name is also the same as the load time, and take the maximum open time. Because we don’t want to put a different domain name in the same group, and if the same domain is used in different groups, all groups have the same loading time.

second, regional correlation, that is: Google will be integrated to determine the site of your server in the area of the average loading speed and compare, and finally get a relative value. For example, if your server in Shanghai, then Google for evaluation, comprehensive Shanghai area site of the average loading rate in general, if the opening speed of others is 5 seconds, and you are 8 seconds, you can only feel shy, the rating is poor, even if all your customers for customers in Taiwan, 8 seconds is fast, but the only difference is your rating

third, HTML content, the current impact of loading time only consider the HTML element, Google will consider the picture, Flash and other content of the

fourth, Google human touch: Google in the determination of the loading time, will do a number of tests. It will then get an average value and will remove a large deviation