WAL MART and Jet com hand Amason said not nervous

Abstract: WAL-MART has first-class logistics and supply chain, Jet net technology plus, seems to want to set off a reign of terror war in the field of electricity providers, the strategic layout of the Amazon can be more than this.


on Monday, the retail giant WAL-MART to cash plus stock price $3 billion 300 million acquisition of a year old electricity supplier Jet.com. Body mass, age, patterns are far from the two sides come together, is said to be in the field of electricity providers have a common enemy: amazon.

retail business in an old traveller WAL-MART in recent years in the field of electricity providers were the generous shot, not fancy electronic business niche Jet.com on "the power"


Jet.com: where

force field

English Jet means "jet aircraft". Jet.com was founded in 2014, officially launched only a year, in this short year, Jet has made remarkable achievements, total sales amounted to $1 billion per month, new buyers in more than 400 thousand, the average daily processing orders for 25 thousand copies, last month’s sales rose 168%, can be described as ".

Jet.com leap success and ultimately the ultimate business salesman Mark · rolle. Rolle was born in the financial industry, human resources, so Jet has received include Alibaba, Fidelity Investments, Accel Partners, New Enterprise Associates and Goldman Sachs, investors of more than $500 million.

in the legendary entrepreneurial experience, startups The Pit received $5 million 700 thousand of the purchase price, co-founder of Quidsi, eventually to 10 times the amount of financing the Amazon price in the bag, Quidsi ran Diapers.com, Soap.com web site.

at the same time, with continuous improvement, innovation, he is willing to try new technology, creative use of robot Kiva to manage the storage shelves.

– membership and low-cost strategy two market

Jet.com, from Mark · on the hand. After 90 days of free trial period, the user must pay $50 / year membership fee, Jet.com is committed to lower than other electricity supplier price of 10% – to return to members. Jet.com with low discount in exchange for customer orders and pay an annual fee.

The low price of

Jet.com also depends on its automatic dynamic pricing technology. The automatic pricing software in pricing considering the order amount of distance, customer delivery of goods, goods and payment etc, and the software can track the user’s buying behavior, and through price rebates and other means to encourage the purchase of.