The first half of the venture capital business inventory how to avoid premature death



Yan Jun

"this is the best time to start a business. To give you an investment, we do a project, a lot of investors lobbying is still working in the middle of the big Internet Co. There are even rumors, there are a number of institutions to the top of the top Internet Co are talking again, one by one to go out lobbying business.

hot money, good projects and less expensive is a lot of investors in the first half of the investment environment description. A large number of hot money inflows, leading to investment institutions of early entrepreneurial projects berserk. According to the statistics of NetEase technology, only the first half of 2014, the science and technology circles have more than 200 start-up companies to obtain B round of financing and below, much higher than in previous years. And with this, is that many institutional and individual investors began to enter the early investment market, major Internet Co have set up investment, raise public equity for the early market look at fiercely as a tiger does. Domestic venture capital circles a prosperity. But in Silicon Valley, American investors have begun to reflect on what they call the "bubblish", meaning to look like a bubble, but may not be.


is more hot money, start-up companies in dissolution, adjust the direction, and so on. The rationality of investment is eternal. How to avoid the hot money under the entrepreneurial die? The NetEase of science and technology in the first half of this year of entrepreneurship and investment were investigated and inventory.

team: to open an acquaintance with the company


team is more important or the project is more important than 80% of the investors interviewed will be very sure that the team!". A recent example is the "instant noodles" failed, three ideal 85 Indoorsman co founded the online education platform "instant noodles", but to get the A round of investment, because the equity allocation problem, because the team between the trust and fall apart, distraught sigh.

and the Chinese partner, Wang Yang said, do not open the company with the best friend, the difference in the domestic venture capital circles, investors are generally more preference for the original understanding of the entrepreneurial team. Kuehne investment director Qiu Zhun general manager of NetEase said they love most of the team before work together, the best is the front companies out of the full team, or before the students like, mutual understanding.

in Qiu Zhun view, the business failure is the most common cause of instability of the entrepreneurial team, product and market are good projects, the founder of the background is also very strong, but the founding team cooperation problems. A lot of examples are a founder of a very good idea, excited, looking for partners, the results of a number of like-minded people, but also excellent. But they actually know very short, contact is not deep. After the project, once the difficulties began to appear contradictory, CEO lack of ability to deal with the contradiction, the appeal is not strong, the team began to split up. After the founding of a lot of people say, "he was such a person." People in the face of interest is easy to expose some of the things that deviate from nature.