Online offline luxury electricity supplier platform O2O differentiated competition

every reporter Tao force from Shanghai

"the temple library network is currently only more than and 300 people, we have begun to profit." 6 at the end of the year, the temple library network CEO Lee in an exclusive interview with the daily economic news reporter revealed.

Li Rixue admitted that the supply chain and trust is in front of the electricity supplier in front of the two luxury mountains, only across the past, to survive. However, most of the entrepreneurs how to solve in did not consider the two core problems before they embarked on a "burning", as can be imagined as a result. Temple library network can become "left" down that one, is still an unknown.

luxury identification cracked trust problem?

Temple library was founded in 2008, its business, including online sales of luxury goods, offline entity clubs, idle luxury two circulation, luxury identification, conservation, etc..

in the heart of Li Rixue, the location of the temple library is a platform for high-end crowd service". "We can sell all the products they need around the user, not just a luxury.

we are not sellers of stock sales agents, but the service platform." It is reported that the temple library online sales of goods are divided into three categories, one is authorized to sell the brand products, and the other is the agent to provide products, and the other is the direct sale of overseas businesses, the product is two. However, Lee Sunday school is not willing to disclose their authorized brand list.

at the same time, the temple library opened 5 high-end entity library clubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hongkong, Tokyo, second-hand luxury consignment, obtained from 10%~15% sales commission.

It is reported that

, LV and many other brands in the country has never been granted to any business platform, how to solve the supply problem of authenticity? Lee Sunday school explained that the temple library online sale of such goods from supplier or consumer goods consignment products. To this end, the temple library network set up a special identification center, there are more than 40 qualifications to obtain professional qualifications, all goods identified by the authenticity of the authenticity of the staff will be shipped to the hands of consumers. At the same time, temple library has also established a special luxury after-sales service factory.

second-hand brand trading platform in Milan, an insider told the daily economic news reporter also revealed that the identification of goods and after-sales service is almost a threshold for the operation of second-hand luxury goods.

in fact, it is difficult to identify the luxury industry consensus. Senior electricity supplier observers Hao Zhiwei told the "daily economic news" reporter revealed that second-hand luxury identification is more difficult to have a unified standard statements of a school, and second-hand car dealers have a uniform standard, such as the purchase of time, mileage and maintenance records, but you can hardly say that the luxury of time or from the use of xinjiuchengdu to determine its value."

at the same time, he admitted that the pure luxury store according to the online model is certainly not work, we must support the service under the cable."


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