Di tower group to turn BAT into the canoe difficult to hold after the heady group purchase

buy the user, the market, the size of the transaction showed steady growth trend. The future development of the group buying site should be combined with a large platform, and e-commerce platform based on the integration of scenarios and scenarios to reduce the user, traffic acquisition costs.

in Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent (BAT) and other Internet giants have shares group purchase network at the same time, canoe difficult to hold the tick group announced that it will close the group purchase business in March 31st, to a new business model.

entered in 2014, with the exception of a small number of independent operation of the group buying site barely support, buy a significant increase in market concentration, backed by the Internet gangster buy site began to profit. Market concentration increased by

25, Economic Herald reporter click tick group of JiNan Railway Station, group purchase business is still normal, to beauty, hotels, clothing accessories. Buy the industry’s most fire catering, entertainment business has ceased to exist. Its home page set will be officially closed in March 31st to buy the business, turned to a new business model, there is an account balance can be lifted, the tips.


Herald reporter call the customer service, the staff said that the new business model has not been notified before the business officially closed, customers can still order on the site, after the group purchase tickets can still use.

, the Herald reporter noted that before this, including 24 coupons, Groupon, thousands of Web sites such products were forced to shut down, this does not include in the early fall of 2011 as a group of club, Fantong QQ group, Sohu, rice and vegetable roll love group and Sina group purchase website.

weak profitability is the biggest embarrassment to buy site." Tick group market operation vice president Zhu Min in an interview with the Herald reporter said that the group purchase website too much, excessive competition caused by low profit industry.

800 group analyst Fan Kang told the Herald reporter, group purchase websites need to continue to invest money in order to support the business go, once the capital chain problems, the promotion of online and offline business cooperation have problems. After a few waves out of the group to buy the market concentration significantly improved, has become the field of Internet giants compete. Currently the top ranked group purchase websites almost have been incorporated into giant’s, Baidu shares acquired rice network, Suning 100% acquisitions of domestic group purchase website full network, in addition to Gaopeng, Tencent also received public comment on 20% of the shares, the U.S. group net earlier also won the Alibaba investment.

The Herald reporter from

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center learned that, as of last year, the national total group purchase website 6246, the number of sites still in operation in 870, the closure rate of 86%. O2O localization services into a new profit point

According to Fan Kang

, currently only Wo Wo Group and handle network is still independent development. Because of its relatively early development, in some of the three or four lines of the city to enter the first has a certain advantage, but in the context of the giant competition, the two sites have shown embarrassment.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Cao

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