Beautiful united group CEO June cash is easy for us

yesterday in the NetEase’s future technology summit, beautiful united group CEO June said that there is now a beautiful combination of billion of female customers on live about 10000000, realized it is very easy for our platform".

June think, because the platform is the electricity supplier platform started, so the realization is very direct. We have a special online broker platform, there are a lot of red and models, most of their annual income is between 500 thousand to 5 million, as long as we insist on helping them."

following June speech Memoir (by I dark horse cut):

you will find that with the increasing number of users, especially after a large number of female users gathered, you will find the value of the media began to become more and more obvious. So we are very serious on the basis of the media to do some exploration, including social media, including the network of red, including the recent live we have done a series of exploration.

so, in the process of exploration, we will find that I have just talked about the cross-border and the boundaries of the break will produce a lot of very interesting results. So at the moment, it is hard to say that our group is a class of electricity supplier companies, to a large extent, is a platform for integration of media and electricity providers.

no matter what the future changes, to provide customers with valuable products, create value for society is to do what we want, "change" is actually from the enterprise itself the mission, vision and core competence.

is our enterprise itself, as a platform for enterprises to create a good ecological environment, let us on the platform of network of red, customers, business platform partners can develop in this environment, let them have a better tomorrow, this must be our very insistent, so we will stick to the we are a platform.

will continue to trial and error for the construction of the platform, is to create the environment, you will go to set what kind of business rules, what kind of logic system, using a variety of new technologies, including said live, live in and beauty are beginning to do, but the effect is very good products.

just said, red net cash is very direct, at the same time and venue are doing VR, VR such products will have what impact on our fashion products? We will do research, we even say, maybe two years later, there will be the first virtual clothing company in the world, this company production never need fabric clothes, it produces clothes are all virtual clothes, this brand of clothing may also produce.

in all of these and future related areas, we will do more in-depth research and trial and error.

talked about the future of the enterprise, my idea is that, first of all, the enterprise will not always change to create value for society, for the community to create good products and services, which will never change.


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