Double eleven incoming electricity supplier to open the war mode


in domestic business in the field of the annual best consumption node called the "golden nine silver ten", but in the field of Internet, November is an exciting month, because from Tmall’s "double eleven" online shopping feast will lead to a peak consumption of the Internet as a whole, in order to cope with the highlight of the Internet once a year in the electronic business platform, after the National Day holiday will have to start preparing for the "double eleven".


tons of imports of fresh electricity

days ago, Tmall "double eleven" global Carnival officially started, and as one of the highlights of this year "double eleven", Tmall meow fresh green with delegates from five continents in 25 countries, hundreds of fresh associations and government agencies signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

It is reported that

, to meet the "double eleven", the meow fresh green prepared five continents imports of fresh goods, a total of thousands of tons. According to the cooperation agreement, the association and Tmall will jointly promote the association’s products through Tmall direct Chinese Consumers Association’s introduction of common products in Tmall exclusive debut, at the same time, through the Alibaba Mantianxing traceability system to create authentic certification system of association of its products, and promote the innovation of marketing mode of imported goods association.

is closely related with the fresh category is logistics. It is reported that this year the "double eleven" globalization and cross-border electricity supplier as one of the key, and in the 2015 Tmall global double eleven Carnival to start the meeting, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong announced for Tmall, Alipay, international cross-border aliexpress, 58 city and Taobao overseas cross-border business platform, will use data and rookie network the Internet technology to build a cross-border logistics platform, through effective cooperation on transnational logistics link of different types of partners, providing a simple and efficient cross-border electricity supplier logistics and supply chain solutions for businesses, so that global consumers can enjoy global logistics services will be reached.

Internet banking help consumer pay

has been gradually improved, now the Internet has made the financial China users in known to every family to prepare for this year, "double eleven" in the army, from the Internet Financial thrust also played an important role. Reporters before the date of payment service from ants to understand, in order to alleviate this year "double eleven" payment pressure, this ant gold suit Tmall will jointly invest 50 million yuan to use ant flower chanting encouragement. It is reported that, with the balance of treasure as ants spend to avoid trading links between banks. In the "double eleven" this transaction flow, can maximize the protection of users pay for fluency. The success rate in terms of stability and payment, with the balance of Yu Ebao, ant flower chanting, reached more than 99%. It is more convenient, the ant flower provides a certain amount of consumption. For users, to ensure that the accounts and bank card less than the amount of users can spend by ants reveal it successfully grab your favorite products.

and for businesses, the Internet can play its own financial power. According to Kara said, businesses face funding requirements, Kara has launched ">

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