E commerce website design

this is a blue software recommended by a commercial site program to support the database. This program is
has the basic function of electronic business affairs, can meet the business application of most enterprises, the development cost is about 6000-10000.
Animation Home: home page is the first impression visitors, with novel and unique approach to the user left a profound impression is the first step to success.
by database on the web page content can be changed at any time (general office members to operate), the contents of the product can also be changed at any time, as long as the text input, the database automatically generated web pages. Other features:
message version: customers will be small database views or orders directly recorded on the website of the.
Objective: to assist enterprises to enhance business interaction, improve customer satisfaction, user information in a timely manner to reflect.
function: the unified management of customer feedback information, free to delete or reply.
support certification (i.e., the message should be vetted before publication).
can be upgraded to the forum.
: customer feedback form of ideas or orders sent directly to.

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