Taobao mall double 11 online shopping activities single day turnover of 3 billion 360 million yuan


technology news, Beijing time on November 12th morning news, according to Taobao Mall (micro-blog) said, in the past 24 hours, double 11 online shopping Carnival Alipay (micro-blog) trading volume reached 3 billion 360 million yuan, Taobao mall and Alipay (micro-blog) the total turnover exceeded 5 billion 200 million yuan.

Taobao mall President Zhang Yong said, a series of numbers confirms the obvious domestic demand to pick up momentum, once again shows that e-commerce has become the main driving force of the market to stimulate domestic demand and stimulate consumption growth China new engine.

Taobao mall online shopping Carnival began to officially launch from 11 days of zero, 1 minutes after the 3 million 420 thousand flow mall; 8 minutes turnover breaking 100 million turnover of more than 200 million, 21 minutes, 32 minutes over 300 million transactions, 1 hours turnover will exceed 439 million yuan. Transaction data at 11:11 in the morning Taobao mall is 1 billion 154 million yuan, 13:09 business volume of more than 1 billion 500 million, 16:09 PM, turnover exceeded 2 billion, 10 million orders! Stop 12 zero, Taobao mall turnover exceeded 3 billion 360 million yuan. This data is far more than 11 yuan last year, Taobao mall shopping spree double day turnover of $936 million.

Taobao mall President Zhang Yong said, unlike last year, this year, Taobao mall 11 double pay more attention to the consumer experience. Obviously felt that this year business and the industry progress very fast, businesses no longer blindly pursuit of sales, service has become the primary consideration; "although nobody dare to guarantee the result, but certainly this year the organization shall express more orderly, more rational allocation of resources".

Zhang Yong believes that this year Taobao mall double 11 activities have a very big feature is that small and micro enterprises outbreak of large energy. In the first hour of the emergence of a million shops, Amoy brand occupies 15 seats. Small and micro enterprises in the current difficult survival of the environment, Taobao mall Amoy brand grew up but still maintain rapid development. The sales with top brands stand shoulder to shoulder.

Zhang Yong also said that the performance of the Amoy brand to prove that as long as the quality and service, network brand will not lose in the traditional brand!

it is understood that Taobao mall from the 09 year on year for 11 activities, more than 2 thousand brands to participate in the activities of the Taobao store, including clothing, shoes, sports, beauty, each package Home Furnishing textile, digital appliances and other vertical industries.

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