Where the customer Master announced the cancellation of the mechanism into social marketing frustrat

DoNews May 16th news Internet fast fashion brand, where the customer Eslite announced the cancellation of Master sharing mechanism, that is working on a new user incentive mechanism, where the Master platform after the adjustment will further focus on the quality of sun and photographs share awards.

where the customer claimed that the adjustment effect since at 0:00 on May 18th before midnight, all orders can be divided according to the proportion of Master get into. The adjustment does not affect the Master owner into cash payment. The owner can still be submitted at any time in Master every month 1-19 day payment for each month, the end of the month will be unified payment request into the owner.

every guest spokesman said Master into the mechanism of VANCL line was designed to give Master more and better incentives, and found that in the process of operation, more is divided into "purchasing" away, with excellent Master sharing experience, sun tablets have gained a good reward and into real, this is contrary to every guest Master into reward the original intention, therefore decided to adjust, is currently studying new user incentive mechanism.

before all passengers aged CEO disclosed, will be an important strategy in the next step of the combination of all Master and mobile Internet, and we now have 3 million 500 thousand Master users.

this Master project where the former official said, although we can understand this decision intention, but where Master is an organism, the user after more than two years of incentive, 3 million 500 thousand users a year has won 150 million income, in the absence of appropriate alternative to the sharing mechanism is cancelled, people lamented the house demolition easy, but built house needs the hard work of several generations".

data show that in March 2011 we formally launched community marketing platform "where Master, aged CEO has said it will come up with 1 billion yuan into to each owner. Where Master is a kind of new marketing mode with SNS e-commerce, online and offline. With this platform, customers can upload pictures where the product collocation and attach the product link. Once a customer purchases, the upload can get a commission. (end)

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