Ali ious will it be a good story

began in February 15, 2014, the Jingdong for users to launch the "Jingdong." the consumer loan service, the user can through the "Jingdong ious" enjoy the first payment of the purchase experience.

Although the

in the following months, Jingdong continuously improve the Jingdong ious threshold, but the discussion about Jingdong ious or fierce, why not do about Ali Ali IOUs to boycott the Jingdong ious questions also exist in a large number of users in mind.

The announcement coincides with the

, Ali communication section 170 tariff information, on the "Taobao members receive credit overdraft charges" regulations, in the eyes of small Qian, this communication card is the prototype of Ali. Ali communications with consumers in Taobao, Tmall, Alipay’s membership levels and consumer credit data, 170 of users granted a certain amount of credit in the amount of overdraft telephone charges.

virtual operators Ali communications, will be its electricity supplier, digital entertainment, communication and other services are slowly integrated into the virtual operator business. If you don’t speak a little, in Ali by virtual operators can rely on the advantage of traffic status, when speaking at the entrance of the credit system with on-line Ali communication card, the user is using their Taobao, Tmall, Alipay and so on the platform, can be more calls on communication card overdraft, even to a never stop state, Ali communication card will be more and more like Ali Ali IOUs, the ious will continue to stimulate even induce consumers in Ali platform, finally from the view of capital and the development of Ali, Ali communication card, this is Ali IOUs, in support of the flow to become a mainstream currency behavior if successful, will be a good story of Ali in IPO.

Compared to

Jingdong ious ious Ali story where


once had become a network of hot words Jingdong IOUs, since February 15, 2014, began to appear in the public view, as the United States successfully listed Jingdong recently made great contributions, many people think that the Jingdong white is a good story Jingdong listed in the process.


Ali had no matter how Jingdong ious ious clamor, it did not appear in public view to a Jingdong and PK. Supporters can say: to such an extent not lose Ali, and to carry the dead to the Jingdong; also can be said that Ali IOUS is brewing, once born, will certainly come a huge impact. But on the opposite, that difference is difficult to achieve and Jingdong Ali ious IOUs to bring the huge influence to the Jingdong and the industry let Ali IOUs, IOUs story more features, which has a great impact on the development of Jingdong ious words, have a lot of experience in a dare, also is not unreasonable.

regardless of whether it is how to treat Ali IOUs, regardless of whether the day after Ali will launch a poker-faced Ali IOUs, the author thinks that provided by Ali communications service calls in the amount of overdraft overdraft, and financial payment, Ali electricity providers, cash flow.

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