Tencent nested QQ buy information to test the electricity supplier profit model


QQ group purchase by Tencent micro-blog released a nested group purchase information (TechWeb pictures)

29 June 2007, micro-blog business and profit model has been widely concerned, TechWeb recently found that Tencent QQ group purchase started by Tencent micro-blog released nested group purchase information, in order to accelerate the process of commercialization of micro-blog Tencent.

TechWeb found that QQ buy in its Tencent micro-blog released a unconventional buy information, commodity information is nested in micro-blog. Don’t release on micro-blog in the previous business group purchase information mostly "slogan + + link diagram" mode, this information also shows the name of the commodity, commodity prices and discounts, compared with the traditional commercial promotion micro-blog more intuitive.

up to now, in addition to QQ group has not found other businesses to take this form of advertising. According to Tencent micro-blog insiders, the project is currently only a small range of testing, the future does not rule out further cooperation with other B2C vendors.

in the purchase process, these people said, because there is the testing phase, users buy commodities still need to jump to the page, but the future is likely to achieve complete micro-blog purchase behavior.

industry insiders believe that e-commerce has been considered one of the profit model of micro-blog Tencent, micro-blog’s low-key test of electronic commerce, also shows micro-blog operators to explore the commercial value of micro-blog is accelerating the pace of. (Jing Wong)

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