Jingdong strategic alliance signed exclusive exclusive mobile payment terminal

speed transit network (July 18, 2013, Shanghai) today, Jingdong (JD.COM) and UnionPay held a strategic cooperation conference in Shanghai, announced the launch of a strong cooperation between the two sides officially launched. It is reported that China UnionPay announced the launch of mobile payment personal credit card terminal Lok card payment (Colorful), and exclusive debut in Jingdong. Now, users can order the products in the Jingdong, the imagination of the mobile Internet era, are wonderful experience of payment.


music card payment is the mobile payment hardware products will be mobile phone or mobile intelligent terminal is connected with the bank card, bank card transfers, credit card payments, payment convenience, shopping mall, attractions tickets, games recharge, business travel reservations and other remote payment service for personal users. After the user installs the specified client on the mobile phone or the mobile intelligent terminal, the product is inserted into the product through the earphone interface.

according to A.C. Nielsen international authoritative survey, UnionPay brand awareness in the country reached 100%, continues to lead the Chinese bank card market. Currently, UnionPay card acceptance network has been extended to more than and 140 countries and regions outside the country, is becoming an international brand. In order to meet the growing consumer demand for the use of cards, China UnionPay has been vigorously business innovation. In addition to the automatic teller machine ATM, POS card merchant terminal using a bank card, but also through the Internet, mobile phone, fixed telephone, self-service terminals, smart TV terminals and other kinds of new channels for utility payment, airline tickets and hotel reservations, credit card payments, transfers and other payment self help. UnionPay and Jingdong cooperation is the most realistic manifestation of this business innovation." Jingdong, chief marketing officer Lanye said.

blue ye said: "as of June 24th, Jingdong activated mobile client users exceeded 60 million, the Jingdong radio service every day in June, the number of active users in May year-on-year growth of more than 50%, compared with the same period last year the total amount of user activation is increased by nearly 400%. At the end of June 2013, China UnionPay mobile phone payment transaction volume in the Jingdong last month were compared with the 2012 mobile client, the beginning of the year has doubled." In the past 618 month anniversary launch of the "62 friends of UnionPay card day" activities, for the mobile phone client mobile phone payment UnionPay Jingdong controls, Jingdong PC end UnionPay online payment, UnionPay and Jingdong have carried out joint marketing activities, the effect is outstanding.

Jingdong with the wave of e-commerce, the continuous implementation of the annual average growth of over 200% in the past seven years, has grown into the largest integrated online retail platform. The trend of the development of the mobile Internet to comply with the trend, Jingdong mobile terminal has developed into one of the largest B2C client, covering almost all mobile terminal platform. In this context of good cooperation, the two sides once again upgrade cooperation. Card Lok pay easy to carry, stylish, easy to operate and strong security features, in line with the mobile Internet era consumer habits, more full

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