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One of the Taobao experience Amoy brand BlueOcean partner

Tao Lanhai graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Taobao training marketing expert system 6 years young Taobao combat operations, has been active has been to "Tao blue ocean" network of active

in the field of electricity providers in the first-line marketing Taobao University

growth experience

06 years of exposure to the Internet, do the webmaster; after 07 years has been focused on Taobao marketing research, the actual operation of a number of Taobao stores. Not too much rhetoric to describe him, a simple boy, active in the first line of Taobao marketing, with the growth of about 8000000 and the sellers had successful operation of the stores include types of bags, radiation-proof clothes, herbal cosmetics, clothing, watches and so on, has accumulated abundant practical experience, has the shop location capacity and operation the capacity of first-class, good at data analysis, train operation, Taobao SEO ranking, conversion and store marketing design, explosion process. Had personally guided more than 200 people had a good effect

Taobao SEO combat expert

concentrate on the study of Taobao rankings, with several partners together to develop a set of scientific methods to operate Taobao SEO, and Taobao SEO rankings have deep experience. Specializes in Taobao’s algorithm to organize the implementation of Taobao baby SEO, such as the layout of the seven day spiral theory and the layout of the explosion, with an important reference value. Tao Lanhai believes that Taobao SEO is no shortcut, only to receive it in the right way at every step to good effect order gradually is the key of the success of SEO Taobao jincai.

Taobao training leader

is still in college in Tao Lanhai, was invited to do a special topic in the University of Taobao training speech, to promote the popularity of the electricity supplier has played a positive role. Founded by the University of Taobao public welfare training courses, successfully held more than and 20, the cumulative number of training more than 6000 people. Promote the system of Taobao training model, that is necessary to do a good job as a whole process, is a systematic project, so his course has been widely welcomed by

Taobao train research expert

is good at data analysis, like to look at the operation of the store data, and gives the corresponding adjustment strategy. More than 4 years of experience in Taobao train operation, the cumulative exposure to thousands of different sellers, Taobao know the skills and tactics of train operation.

Taobao shop training features

because many people do not understand Taobao marketing, combined with the successful training experience in the University of Tao Lanhai, launched a series of Taobao shop video tutorials, systematic and practical. Very close to the actual completion, can begin to simplify complex issues, has been the relentless pursuit of teacher Tao Lanhai.

main course

"Taobao SEO entry to the master," "novice shop positioning decision life and death" "super baby conversion rate to create" "Taobao novice shop money necessary"

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