Electricity supplier and retail who is king

business and retail, two different sales model and the existence of dealers and consumers, and provide a service model for each one takes what he needs, but who is the sales king, Ma and Wang Jianlin gamble 100 million just started the curtain, the author dare not to say. However, the electricity supplier against the offensive again and again with the traditional retail crisis is an indisputable fact that the year 2006, Shanghai and Guangzhou has more than 4 million people in the online shopping, of which nearly 2 million 900 thousand people have been in the Taobao online shopping, more than 90 people have been shopping on eachnet.com, nearly 300 thousand people have been shopping in the pat network. Taobao in the first quarter of 08, there is a turnover of $about 1000000000, equivalent to the level of 4 Carrefour stores, the level of 6 Chinese WAL-MART stores. No wonder Ma released the next 10 years to ban traditional retail electricity supplier basic introduction. Coupled with the designed B2C channels, the success of the Jingdong, it is easy to believe that the electricity supplier does in a step by step devouring retail, like Ma said: the lion lion eat sheep, not because of hate sheep, but the lion was born to eat sheep. Feel the electricity supplier is to "eat" the birth of retail, but the fact is really so? Why Ma on the electricity supplier such confidence, which has a great relationship and business models, said directly, is Ma is how to make money? Big not to say, we will see a taobao.com. People want to shop in Taobao to enter the registration, to "shop fees"; while shopping "Alipay", there are a large amount of money deposited in the bank for Alibaba to "eat" interest, but also Many a little make a mickle. Not to mention advertising and media, etc., can be seen for a reason Ma confidence.

January 2012, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in Beijing "twenty-ninth Chinese Internet development report" shows that as of the end of December 2011, China users reached 513 million, 55 million 800 thousand annual new users, but also to continue at an alarming growth in the number, it is not difficult to see that with the rapid expansion of Internet users, into the a powerful stimulant and impetus to the electricity supplier, electricity supplier rise speed makes the traditional retail channels as the acme of perfection, the more feel the tremendous pressure from electronic commerce. Data show again, Taobao 5 consecutive years of growth rate of more than 100%, China’s online shopping market has exceeded $1 trillion mark.

B2C as a sales model of the electricity supplier, its mode of operation to the traditional retail blockbuster. Why? B2C business model has changed the traditional retail stores and shopping guide relies on the traditional marketing model, has its strong advantage in space and display of goods, the low amount of investment, huge profits and market coverage and other advantages are the traditional retail thrown away. There are many store dealers will think of Taobao in the shop, we do not say first scale comparison of Taobao stores and traditional shops, there is a very interesting phenomenon, many store clerk will subconsciously tell the customer, what is their Taobao web site, if repeat acceptance of your products and services the next time I buy something, when he is then run your traditional pavement, or directly to you.

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