The electricity supplier war on recent price war events Jingdong

has one thing on the Internet that raise a Babel of criticism of the price war, the Jingdong event. Today, I would like to talk about the price war on the Jingdong event and some views on the operation of Jingdong mall.

first, the flow of

traffic is lack of a mishap Jingdong mall. In the author’s QQ chat process found that although Jingdong mall has been in the CCTV advertising, but it is not a friend does not know Jingdong mall, until the price war events. Jingdong mall is how the lack of traffic. But the Jingdong store in addition to burn does not seem to a better way to get traffic.

two, homogenization serious

Suning, Gome, Tencent has not joined the ranks of home appliance business, the advantages of Jingdong mall is obvious, because there is almost no competition. However, when Suning and other giants have joined the battle, Jingdong mall is no time to change ideas, timely and make the difference with competitors, resulting in serious homogenization.

three, is a Book of


mall is estimated in order to compete and so can the, playing the book business, but this strategy now is obviously a flaw. Jingdong mall to do the book before the customer price is 800 yuan, after the book to reduce the customer price of up to 200. So, the Jingdong is definitely a book.

four, estimated at less than

according to Liu Qiangdong, I said, did not estimate Suning will join the price war. That he obviously underestimated the situation of opponents, resulting in some of the decision-making errors, resulting in greater losses.

said so much, I also put forward several suggestions for Jingdong mall.

, a new discovery

said Jingdong mall in Suning and other giants joined the electricity supplier after the war has slowly lost its edge. Therefore, Jingdong mall must explore new highlights, and competitors must be differentiated. Of course, must not hit the price war, the price war is the most stupid behavior, only that its.

two, build a large buyer database


mall as a well-known business enterprise, as long as the user transaction orders in the above, you will have left, and there will also be part of a certain consumption ability of the user, the Jingdong to the staff by the part of the data sorted out, to conduct regular visits, in some special occasions. For example, the client can send a birthday gift to them. Of course, once the formation of this database must do a good job of confidentiality, must not flow out, in particular, can not flow into the hands of competitors.

three, improve the electricity supplier team operating capacity

Jingdong mall should be maintained on the basis of the original promotion efforts to improve the electricity supplier team operations. For example, to provide staff with the ability to promote the network >

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