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by Skynet

to tell you about the marketing related content today, Yang Guo had also said the industry in the past year, because Taobao with the seller in-depth cooperation, also because of the huge efforts of sellers on the Taobao platform made by Taobao, so the past year’s growth is good.

marketing has been very concerned about the seller. Taobao’s marketing or marketing products, or marketing platform, is more abundant in the platform or industry. How do we look at these marketing products, and these products in the next marketing business cooperation with all the specific role? Share on, on this basis to share with Juhuasuan and all businesses.

In fact, product is three-dimensional, we cover more latitude to cover different businesses and different commodity cycle, at the same time according to the commodity businesses for different location, see how further cooperation.

marketing is the core value of the product is to help businesses sell more goods, because each product marketing or marketing platform, we have to consider when visiting the Taobao consumer daily, is not so many places worth visiting these places worth visiting is not able to find a good product, which are from behind to all of you business. We need to take into account the needs of the seller also take into account the needs of consumers. Let me give you a few simple examples to share with you.

last year, we made a very big change in gold coins, from just let the user get the gold platform into a marketing platform, traffic and further enhance.

panic buying is a new product in the wireless hand Taobao last year, this product is growing very fast in the hand wash, but also taking the time as the sale market, consider the hand Amoy users a day can open several times, each time point has attracted his goods worth here to visit. Basically two hours as the main sales latitude platform, single day output can do more than 70 thousand. I think this year in a very short period of time, about two hours can do about 100 thousand, the growth is also very fast.

daily specials is an old product, we all know. Every day we are closely around the sale of small and medium-sized sellers platform to help small sellers to sell more goods to consumers.

weekend Taobao, this product last year brought a lot of marketing opportunities for the birth of a number of Guinness records are produced through such products.

and clearance, a business product life cycle are from new to the hot period to a period when businesses in a row and row store marketing rhythm category planning must also be taken into account, and the clearance is really able to help businesses to sell a commodity. After clearing goods online, trade growth is also very fast, well done within a day of millions of transactions is no problem. But our requirements are very high, clearance must be real clearing goods, must be 365 days minimum clearance only >

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