Taobao movie 11 double promotion has begun this year’s flagship Hollywood blockbuster

the lowest fare is higher than last year.

last year during the 11 double, Taobao film and the large side together launched a $two movie ticket promotional activities of the year 19.8. Finally, the effect of the promotion is amazing, 10 days sold a total of 700 thousand movie tickets.

may be encouraged by the results of this year’s 11 double period, the Taobao film came again. November 3rd at 10 in the morning, Taobao movie promotion formally launched. Compared with last year, this year, a movie ticket sold 18.8 yuan, almost double the price of $19.8 last year, the price doubled over the past two.

last year, double the 11 single with "tiger", "one step" such as the Lunar New Year stalls domestic blockbusters, this year’s flagship is the "Mars" rescue, "007: Ghost", "the Hunger Games" 3 other Hollywood blockbusters.

has sold more than 140 thousand tickets to the movie until November 4th, at about 10 a.m. on. One of the most popular or 007: Ghost party, Mars rescue also sold nearly 30 thousand. In the domestic film producer Xun Zhou, "with Anthony through the long time" is close to 20 thousand grades ahead.

according to the "Daily" curiosity got the information, the double 11 movie tickets promotional film the blockbuster Taobao confirmation and Taobao film cooperation in October 20th, and signed a cooperation agreement.

the most important part of the ticket sales in the promotional activities by the film side and the Taobao Film Co. Within the specified time to complete the signing of the film with Taobao chip and Taobao will share the movie ticket cost, the ratio of 1:1, that is to say if you pay 500 thousand yuan, Taobao will make up 500 thousand yuan, while the late movie only pocket.

pre-sale of the digital side of the film can be used as a reference for promotional strategies, to fight for more row based on the film, or even a starting point for word of mouth marketing. From Taobao’s point of view of the film, such promotions can also help Taobao movie to attract users, after all, the most sensitive to the audience fare.

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