To the fans into purchasing power net monthly income of more than 100 thousand yuan red shop

The use of

network Reds fans economy entrepreneurs become the trend of

"in Taobao, there are thousands of web opening shops, good at the fans into purchasing power, the annual income reached 10 million yuan." This is yesterday, Taobao relevant person in the net red economy phenomenon revealed on the seminar.


hundreds of millions of sales, is on the order of millions of fans in social media.

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xue Song) yesterday, many electricity supplier industry director, red net senior observer, discussions with other network Reds net red phenomenon. They generally believe that now become a worthy of the name of Internet celebrity, only in the social platform has a lot of fans is not enough, but also there is a shop selling goods, liquidity can be strong.


from grassroots network reds, together with the most extensive coverage of the social network of fans, fans through a variety of online shopping platform to sell goods and even custom "Reds life", get a lot of money income.

according to reports, in May 2014 to become the owner of the Taobao Dong Xiaosa, is a network anchor live platform, every time you can get a million people watching live online. With the support of fans, just over a year, her Taobao shop is the three gold crown shops, monthly income of more than six digits.

red shop that Dayi has 1 million 930 thousand fans on micro-blog. May 2014, she opened the shop on-line less than a year to do four crown.

these two people just a microcosm of the red shop. According to Taobao, in this year’s 6· 18 promotion, sales of TOP10 in the Taobao women’s shop has 7 is the network red shop. Even in the network red shop, there have been a network of red shop opened only two months to do the case of the five diamond, called Taobao miracle".

2015 China Forbes celebrity list, Fan Bingbing to 128 million yuan in the top of the list, for the red network, on the Taobao platform, such income is not out of reach. It is reported that Taobao platform has more than 1000 stores network red. 2014 "double 11", the top ten women in the shop shop sales accounted for seven seats for the Reds; part of the store when the Reds new turnover can be broken million, no less than the performance of some well-known clothing brands, the red net annual income of tens of millions of yuan is not a problem.

industry analysis:

network of red beauty will be translated into the purchasing power of fans

actually, the growth path of network are quite similar to the Red: a beautiful young fashion Master as representative, with the Reds taste and vision as the leading of selection and visual promotion, gathered popularity on social media, relying on a huge fan base for directional marketing, which will be the fans into purchasing power.

network Reds "big gold" in the year 2012 opened their own Taobao store. Now, she has nearly 700 thousand fans on micro-blog

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