Yao Jinbo now O2O like 2004 electricity supplier

[Abstract] the next wave of O2O revolution will be in any industry, the original intermediary nature of the company will be a great challenge.


technology news (Han Yimin) in August 29th, 58 city classifieds site CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) first appeared in the electricity supplier industry to participate in the school on behalf of the electricity supplier conference, in the name of "local life service mobile trend" the theme of his speech, Yao Jinbo repeatedly mentioned the local service O2O, gradually carry out the local service business O2O in 58 city, 58 classified information website image has been quietly changing.

in an interview with Tencent technology, Yao Jinbo introduction, 58 city in the past to create a lot of transactions and opportunities, but did not share the benefits brought to the electricity supplier. Now 58 city is the development of local services O2O, has chosen a part of the category, such as home economics, on behalf of driving, etc., to provide standardized products, to create a closed loop payment. This part of the business basically grew by 10% per week.

to open up these businesses to get rid of the 58 city has simply classified information website image, Yao Jinbo believes that the change is mainly due to the rapid development of mobile internet.

The permeability of

mobile network in the crowd on both ends of the user, business customers online, promote the location of mobile specific functions, yaojinbo judgment, local service will in the future mobile Internet outbreak in one or two years, to become the next hot relay after taking.

this year’s local service O2O like 2004 electricity supplier." Yao Jinbo said, 58 city if there is any development, that is to go to the closed loop and trading."

in the speech yaojinbo proposed, the next wave of O2O revolution in any industry, the intermediary nature of the company will be a great challenge, each system in the field, a new ecological civilization will be formed, a number of new companies will rise. Online and offline together to promote the process of O2O, Yao Jinbo believes that the online will occupy a greater dominance.

this year, 58 city, go to the two classified information website have access to a new round of funding, in this regard, Yao Jinbo believes that this does not mean that the classified information website to tell a new story, after years of cultivation, 58 city have already accumulated a large number of users, access to a large amount of local data, more and more profit model clear, and classified information website close to O2O. Therefore, the injection of investment institutions classified information website is not only in the bet O2O in the future, but also on the classification of the results of the site affirmed.


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