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2011 for e-commerce companies like a roller coaster ride, the first half is crazy, group purchase all over the world are loud and to the various types of commercial advertising; next year, suddenly came to a screeching halt, the first is the investors and the industry have dished out the "electric winter", a large number of group purchase website collapse. Then the handles listed now where the customer is to give up halfway, the parties questioned. Looking ahead, the entire electricity supplier in the world a bleak, whether you believe it or not, the electricity supplier has entered the winter. Previously, avatar wrote an article "a series of electricity supplier winter speed transit network columnist: where the customer in case of crisis or not to go to beauty IPO?", the influence of B2C e-commerce industry great repercussions.

how to treat the winter? From the capital market, investors more cautious investment for the electricity supplier, the valuation is more conservative, the electricity supplier to increase the difficulty of financing, which makes the most tight cash flow, low profitability of enterprises from the sad day; the consumer market, after nearly ten years of cultivation, the consumer online shopping the habit has been gradually formed. Nelson recently released a survey shows that in the face of the current economic environment, 75% of the audience in the first tier cities are willing to choose online shopping, etc.. Changes in consumer behavior to the sustainable development of the electricity supplier business has laid a good foundation.

thus, the so-called winter is actually burn electricity supplier mode in winter. For a long time, the electricity supplier companies rely too much capital, basically followed by capital staking, do the scale at all costs, and to set the scale of new capital, and then do the final by virtue of staking scale, scale and valuation seek listing mode. This model may be useful for early business, but now the face of the huge amount of the All flowers bloom together. ecommerce market model is clearly difficult to continue.

from this perspective, if winter can make too hot electricity market to calm down and return to the nature of e-commerce to do the products, selling products, good user experience, establish a brand, establish the reputation of users, return to the rational path to development Chinese of electronic commerce, it might not be a good thing. Especially for small and medium-sized electricity supplier, burn mode is a huge trap, and difficult to continue to burn, might as well take advantage of winter hard skills, patience to establish a brand, with its own characteristics of the industry, enhance the level of profitability, characteristics to establish reputation formation in its own field. Blindly follow large electricity supplier burn mode only a dead end.

and small electricity supplier enterprises relative to the big electricity supplier, the entry time is short, in terms of brand precipitation and user accumulation is weak, low user trust. Electricity providers to obtain the user’s cost is generally higher, while the development of customer loyalty, and promote customer repeat consumption is particularly critical, so for the electricity supplier companies, the customer experience is a matter of life and death.

in addition, as online shopping, the credibility of the electricity supplier business is life, if you do not trust the user in any case can not produce consumer behavior. To build trust, you need to build the brand, the brand means

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