Shentong express gangster War reached the electricity supplier main food and daily chemical products

online shopping this cake is really attractive, everyone wants to share a cup of soup. After SF EXPRESS to create the SF preferred high-end online supermarket after July 28th, another courier industry heavyweights Shen Tong to build business platform "love to buy super net" announced on-line.

Shen Tong electronic business platform to buy Super Network Marketing Director Ren Chao told reporters that love to buy the first step in the first super market in Zhejiang Province, the first regional advantage to win. Love to buy the network to the main food and daily chemicals, department stores and small appliances as a supplement. Do a good job in Zhejiang market, and then into other provinces."

Ren Chao said, love to buy network over the use of borrowed resources, in the logistics costs will be reduced. Trunk and part of the transfer station is shared with Shen Tong, the warehouse itself, the location of the warehouse is the best for us."

Ren Chao introduced, compared with the distribution of other electricity providers, love to buy network over the delivery speed is more guaranteed. "We plan to deliver within eight hours, can do a day with three."

in order to reduce the cost of delivery, love to buy super net plan in community construction points. Since some support cash on delivery, from some collection of money. "We have to deliver the goods from mentioning, let some self collection. Can also provide more services, such as some customers do not want to go since some goods, it would add two or three dollars, can be door-to-door."

it is understood that the Hangzhou city first since the lift has been opened in Binjiang District avenue of stars.

Shen Tong marketing director Xia Zubin said, Shen Tong in the country has more than 8 thousand outlets, plans to open a convenience store, consumers can choose online, go to the nearest convenience store to pick it up, or directly at the convenience store to buy, even when consumers want what they give to, what time to.

along with the wind electricity supplier platform downwind preferred self distribution team is not the same, love to buy super network temporarily not self distribution team. "Everyone is not the same category, SF preferred product price is relatively high, involving fresh category, love to buy super net products are standard products, in the early reconstruction of distribution team cost is too high, some The loss outweighs the gain." Ren Chao representation.

from the beginning of August, love to buy all over the network in Zhejiang province can support cash on delivery. "Not everyone has online payment, especially the two or three line of the city’s users love to buy network super to meet the needs of these people."

, according to reports, love to buy a network over an investment of about 50 million yuan, held by STO, in addition to a VC shares. In order to build a business platform, love to buy super net even from the Alibaba and other commercial enterprises and supermarkets and other retail enterprises hired a lot of professional personnel, and STO as an investor, is not involved in specific operations, but will be responsible for online supermarket distribution, warehousing and other services.

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send and excellent business, the future is uncertain

has been the most criticized by the electricity supplier companies too

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