Over 40% of users believe that the electricity supplier promotion is hype gimmick

"6.18" was originally a Jingdong "anniversary", has now become the brightest business promotion get together day, suning.com, Tmall, Gome online business giants have joined this promotion battle, with the price, send coupons, flash purchase, group purchase, discount and other kinds of incentives to attract users. The day before, according to a survey launched in Beijing IT channel with the number 100 market research company, over 40% of users believe that the electricity supplier promotional "hype gimmick", and that "commodity price and promotion before the difference is minimal, but there are still 60% of users said they would pay attention to dynamic business promotion, identify the timing of orders.

for the electricity supplier, in order to promote is very hard, there is no holiday, holiday to create holiday also, therefore, different types of electricity providers have begun to peak "Festival" grab the market. However, the face of the consumer electricity supplier Festival attitude is what kind of survey found in the new channel IT, more than 60% users will not be tired of staring at electricity supplier promotions. Digital 100 market research firm’s results are similar, 59.4% of the respondents will wait until the electricity supplier promotions orders.

this year, 6.18 electricity supplier promotion war, the game seems to be upgraded. The business started from a simple extensive rush toward the mode of warfare, by their own competitive advantage and construct such as Jingdong in intelligence, financial, social and other fields, O2O offensive. Consumers buy it? In Beijing IT channel survey, 92.3% of users believe that the nature of the electricity supplier marketing is the hype and gimmicks; that is none other promotions accounted for only 7.7%. In figure 100 the results of market research companies are slightly different, as researchers let promotion accounted for 50.3%; 49.7% of the netizens think is "gimmick".

annual electricity supplier promotional war are known as "zero profit" and "low price", but consumers think they really accounted for cheap? Show Beijing IT channel survey, 69.2% of users believe that the price of goods and promotion before no difference; that is really cheaper accounted for 30.8%. The investigation and the number 100 market research company showed that 47.6 of respondents believe that the price of goods and had little difference, 44.1% of respondents believe that "really cheap; there are 8.4% of the users that the commodity price does not fall up".

in fact, electricity providers face intensified close combat battle ", consumers just want to get some benefits. The netizen said: "with the barber shop business promotion staff continue to recommend to you the card as boring things, who benefits, logistics fast, good service, in fact, consumers are already open, this promotion can be less if more affordable this good slobber."

 According to the Ministry of Commerce Secretary

estimates, in 2014 the country’s electricity supplier turnover of about 13 trillion yuan, relative to the retail industry, electricity penetration is still less than 20%. In the new channel IT survey shows that the electricity supplier in the year to promote the protagonist is still Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong, accounting for 1>

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