Social networking platform to fight a lot of good fight goods announced a formal merger

36 krypton learned exclusively in Shanghai two social electricity supplier "spell good goods" and "fight a lot" officially announced the merger. After the merger, will fight a lot from the dream game completely separate together into the goods, but the two brands will maintain the independence of the App end, WeChat mall continues to operate independently. The original spell good CEO he will serve as the new company’s chairman and CEO.

"spell Haohuo" was founded in April 2015, the same year in December announced the completion of a $10 million B round of financing, the main capital for Gao Rong capital and IDG, the two investment companies have led to "fight Haohuo" A $8 million round of financing.

from the model point of view, fight good goods is a fresh cut from the social networking providers. Users can spell good goods on the platform, launched a more affordable price of fruit spell, WeChat through the circle of friends and other social media invite friends offered, only the specified number when the spell will be in force, will be less than the number of automatic refund.

"spell a lot" by the dream game company incubator, officially launched in September 2015, July 2016 announced the completion of $110 million B round of financing, investors including new horizon Gao Rong capital, Tencent, etc.. And fight good goods similar to fight a lot of the principle is based on the electricity supplier to add social and game attributes to attract as many people involved.

however, if the "good fight" to describe a fruit shop, "a lot of that spell" is more like a large Shopping Mall outside, to provide a platform for sellers of different businesses, drainage is charged, and the advertising fee settled. The current has been assigned to the brand and platform includes: BLACKMORES (Ao Jiabao), WMF (Fu Teng Bao), Kao, NetEase koala sea purchase, freaky help, scouring the sea Feng interest etc..

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although it is mixed, but it is undeniable that "good fight" and "fight a lot" all may be running out of the past year, two horse horse power. The former in just 8 months time, the order of the peak near the 1 million single. In contrast, some B2C fresh electricity supplier for many years, the average daily order of 10 thousand single to single, the latter half of the number of users on the line to break through the number of 20 million, as of press time ago, its APP Store free list ranked third in.


mobile electricity supplier market development today, the total number of families are not disturbed by the flow of how to get as cheap as possible, as well as how to accurately distribute traffic, effectively reach the audience?

spell good goods and fight a lot of the reason why they can quickly take up, and they choose the most abundant in the flow of social applications (WeChat) to do the article is closely related. The characteristics of this play is: relying on the power of social media and the chain of trust before the fight group, the process is equivalent to the fight for the platform to do a free promotion, resulting in low-cost installation >

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