Suning wants to integrate 80 million members with 20 million online users

[Chinese] 2013 national entrepreneurs network "NPC and CPPCC", as a member of the CPPCC Su ningyun Group Chairman Zhang Jindong submitted the VIE proposal, the results lead to the same as the Internet sector NPC and CPPCC representatives, members Robin Li, Lei [micro-blog] of the opposition, and triggered a widespread discussion in the "NPC and CPPCC", making Zhang Jindong Su ningyun and become the focus of public opinion. In the "Suning Appliance [micro-blog] familiar (6.57,0.00,0.00%)" become "Su ningyun", and those stories and wonderful interpretation? "Chinese entrepreneur" in 2013 fifth published the wonderful interpretation for you.

will be the perfect combination of online and offline, for all the traditional industries is a "drop down", knowing that no one can follow, only bite the bullet and find their way

This print journalist Ji Yongqing

_ [micro-blog] editor _ real Yu

traditional retail and life, should not be completely closed shop trouble? Ma [micro-blog] and Wang Jianlin even set ten years after the outcome of the game. But Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning some disdain for this game, the reason is very simple: without the two "gambler" a seriously engaged in retail, where they are eligible to bet


can’t be outside Zhang Jindong. When Ma electricity providers and traditional retail showdown compared to new forces and the old forces of confrontation, the outcome can only be Losers are always in the wrong. In fact, Zhang Jindong had caught another without resorting to the dispute, but also shocking Bo life "the glint and flash of cold steel.". 2012 "8· 15" business wars is one of the most sensational business events over the past year, when Jingdong mall [micro-blog] chairman and CEO Liu Qiangdong had ridiculed Zhang Jindong said, a lot of stores under the line, also do not make money, not to close down.

February 21, 2013, Suning headquarters in Nanjing, Zhang Jindong makes the institution through a series of organizational structure adjustment in response to competitors provocation. His answer is only two words: cloud core business, Suning to do a "cloud", the new title of Zhang Jindong as "Su ningyun group chairman of Limited by Share Ltd, the future Suning stores will not give up the huge system, but the stores, e-commerce and retail services are integrated into a smart cloud a boundless, through which to connect the ends of suppliers and customers. He used to say a word is, Suning to do WAL-MART + Amazon [micro-blog] the perfect blend.

will be the perfect combination of online and offline, all of the traditional industries is a "drop down". For Suning, the front is filled with too much uncertainty – even if the retail industry is more developed than China for many years in the United States, there is no one company can do. Has the world’s most advanced retail logistics system and the best WAL-MART IT technology in recent years, only in the Amazon under the impact of the watch continues to lose customers, currently only on the defensive. Zhang Jindong is confident of it.

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