Network economy a new type of industry pillar in China after the real estate Era

1998, in response to the financial crisis in Southeast Asia, the Chinese government to accelerate the pace of reform of the urban housing system, commercial housing has become the main body of urban housing supply. Real estate has become a pillar industry of China’s economy". In the past more than and 10 years, the booming real estate in addition to greatly promote the construction of China’s urbanization, but also produced a serious social problems, such as high property prices, bubble speculation. With nearly 10 years of sustained "positive financial policy" in the face to global stagflation of the moment, the demographic dividend encounter inflection point, Chinese economy also went to the "era of real estate" of the mountain gate.

the Internet is highly convenient, low-cost advantages, in the past 20 years the remodeling of the basic model of the global social life, but also greatly reduced the "global village" the distance between each villager. With the rapid popularization of the Internet, the network is no longer a simple communication tool, on the contrary, it is becoming the subject of new business transformation "and play an increasingly important role in global economic transformation and upgrading of consumption Chinese.

"after the era of real estate" is coming

over the years, the local government will buy high land prices and developers, and then join forces to push up property prices, has become the land finance behind the open secret". Real estate is also a huge investment, involving a wide range of downstream industries, able to produce a high degree of GDP and fiscal revenue was deeply loved by officials at all levels, so as to get all aspects of policy support.

Despite the positive financial policy in 2000s

China spread, the increase in external demand and the demographic dividend discount, the industry has become the wealth of entrepreneurs and investors in droves field. But it has also worsened the industrial structure Chinese, and make the new middle class generally carry a heavy burden on home buyers, but at all levels of government to secure and aggressive monetary policy support, prices have been in "repeatedly repeatedly tune up bubble.


According to the

SEO communication network, with the inflection point of the demographic dividend is approaching, the excessive development of the China estate will face shortage of supply and demand, less disk access dilemma: when the "90" to purchase the gold age around 2015, excess of real estate will be due to the lack of buyers to accept the cost. This year will also be the time limit for the expansion of China’s real estate.

more importantly, after the 2009 extremely loose monetary wave of baptism, China has accumulated a serious inflationary pressure. The Fed’s second round of quantitative easing is brought about by the influx of hot money concerns. From this point of view, the recent commodity price at Chinese launched a series of policies, improve the deposit reserve rate and the interest rate to a record high 0.25 percentage points are marked between economic development and social stability, the government will not hesitate to choose the latter. As a result, the capital chain tight loose outside of the real estate enterprises will face serious debt pressure, has been at the stagflation of the property market is likely in the next few years gradually under the.

third wave

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