Group purchase industry is the first negative growth for the next two months or 4000 shut down

hot – more than a year of group purchase finally appeared negative growth for the first time, usher in the real inflection point

– as of the end of October, there are more than 20% sites do not update the merchandise

last month

after the change radically in the first three quarters, China nearly 5000 group purchase websites finally ushered in the exam the first time the true meaning of "".

the latest survey data show that in October the domestic group purchase industry sales fell 11.4%, experienced in September 0.36% almost stagnant growth after more than a year of popular group purchase finally appeared negative growth for the first time, usher in the real inflection point.

the next two months or 4000 closed down

, a well-known domestic group purchase search engine released the "October group purchase report" shows that experienced in the third quarter of the market after the smooth transition of group purchase group purchase, October Chinese market turnover in September fell 11%, commodity group and life service group total transaction volume only flat with June.

in addition, at the end of October, the domestic group purchase site has more than 20% (20.5%) sites within the past month has not updated commodity, that is to say at the end of October, more than 5 thousand group purchase websites in China in more than 1000 group purchase website has stopped updating, or shut down the website.

it is worth noting that, in October to maintain a week to update the number of sites to buy goods dramatically reduced to 21%. At this rate, in the next two to three months, or there are more than 8 of the group purchase website, namely 4000 group purchase will usher in their time in the "test", and face the fate of being eliminated.

second tier cities grew slightly Chengdu into the country’s top ten

data show that in October the group purchase sales fell mainly in first-tier cities suck, two or three line city user group purchase to further expand market share. Second tier cities in September compared with an increase of 2 percentage points in, reaching a total market share of 47.05%, the second tier cities also grew slightly, while the first tier cities fell by about 3 percentage points.

compared with September, in addition to a small number of regions such as Shanghai, October, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, including most of the country’s market share of most cities have declined sharply. Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou three big city group purchase popular September ranked decline, respectively, is a new list of Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Guangzhou, replaced by Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Nanjing and other popular group purchase city ranking changes little, Chengdu area for the first time the national top ten finalists.

industry analysts believe that with the development of the industry in depth, the market share of the first tier cities in the future is likely to further reduce the consumption potential of the two or three tier cities is still worth looking forward to. It can be predicted that in the TOP class buy site transformation O2O or B2C, while some of the two or three tier cities in the small and medium group buying site or localization services >

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