Commodity electricity supplier tide struck you want to break the need to overcome the five major di

Abstract: today, the bulk of the electricity supplier industry has gradually become the next outlet, and the pig in this field is very heavy, many problems need to be solved, want to be off, still need time.


this year, commodity electricity supplier has become a new outlet, a number of commodity electricity supplier website to obtain huge financing.

January 21st, the entire steel industry chain electricity supplier – looking for steel access to IDG, Sequoia Capital and other $100 million D round of financing. In terms of trading volume, in 2014, looking for a total of 9 billion 500 million tons of steel network to complete the transaction total tonnage of 20 million 425 thousand tons, the transaction amounted to $68 billion 800 million, of which the total annual sales of 3 million 40 thousand tons of steel store to achieve sales revenue.

July 31st, looking for coal network announced the acquisition of $10 million A round of financing, which is the largest electricity supplier in the field of coal so far the largest amount of venture capital. As of July 30th, coal prospecting network platform of thousands of registered members, a total of more than and 400 pen brokered transactions, turnover amounted to 650 thousand tons of coal.

recently, according to articles written by the southern weekend, Sequoia Capital in order to grab an acre of land, do not sign the agreement directly hit a few million dollars. It is reported that the size of an acre of land transactions will exceed 100 billion by the end of this year, while Alibaba’s agricultural sales last year was $48 billion. By the end of next year, an acre of land can reach at least 500 billion, or the impact of about $10000.

so-called commodities, refers to the circulation of the field, but not in the retail sector, with commodity attributes for industrial and agricultural production and consumption of large quantities of goods used in the sale of goods. Commodity market has just need, high frequency of consumption and the characteristics of the huge market. For example, the entire steel industry accounted for the proportion of China’s GDP is probably 10% to 12%, which is a completely ignored by the past Internet giant market.

at the moment, the wind is still Internet plus the fierce wind, the influx of capital market indicates that the commodity business will become the next outlet. However, commodities want to erupt, there are many difficulties.

commodity electricity supplier surge incoming

from the market point of view, the commodity industry as a whole into a normal market economy environment. In the past, commodity electricity supplier is not subject to the attention of the Internet, the past is only a means of commodity, a standard seller’s market. From the beginning of 2012, all the commodities into the era of excess capacity, in the era of excess capacity, from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. After that, with the gradual maturity of e-commerce, commodity electricity supplier business model ushered in the opportunity of rapid development, the rapid expansion of the scale of the industry. Business news agency released the latest report shows that as of June 2015, China’s total number of commodities electronic trading market has exceeded 1100, of which only 2014 new listing on the registration of more than 90.


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