Webmaster friends you can also a monthly income of 3000 yuan

many webmaster worry can’t earn money, are looking for a shortcut to make money for the past few years, looking for a webmaster or poor. When you earn money, there is no Jingxiaxinlai to examine yourself? Don’t blame had the opportunity to make money, don’t blame the miss many opportunities to make money, many owners can not earn money not chance, but your own people, you are no commercial eye, not tell how promising, which does not have a future, you are too greedy, see what someone do stand to make money, follow the blind mixed, you are too lazy, it can make money, but when you love. In a word, poor webmaster want to make money, please change your idea.

let me tell a method can really make money, very suitable for webmaster do, a monthly income of 3000 or more, the key to see who, some people have doubts, but can earn so much, as they do, also released. Then I tell you that my income is far more than this, there is no time to operate. And some people say that you released is not a lot of people do market abuse and money? Most people just tell you when the spectators, not doing, because they are very lazy. Not guessing, explain in detail the following steps.

first step: to the Admin5 network program source code data trading area http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-64-1.html there are a lot of business opportunities, to learn how to dig useful data analysis, to ensure that the money can not be earned. First of all, these information are summarized and classified to see what the source program to buy the most people, and then record. Then look at the sale of information to see how these hot selling value of the program, the service situation, understand the competitors.

second step: to the CMS site resources to find hot selling source program, because the site source code, template resources are very rich, the classification is also very complete, can quickly find the desired program. We need to debug the machine to find the selling process, we should be fine in the selection, because some functions may limit or unable to use. The most critical step is to install and use these procedures to record the use of simple audio and video, and packaged with the program sales.

third step: to the cmsjzw.com site to find a free version of the e-commerce program, of course, you can also find a powerful shop system, as long as enough on the line. Set up a good shop, and then you have a good collection of procedures to sort out, at the same time that the sale of procedures to provide guidance on the installation and use of tutorials.

fourth step: to promote your source shop. To the source of the source code of the source area of the transaction area posted to other owners of the class source data trading area post, at the same time you have to optimize the source of the shop, I believe the business will be better. So the next job is to post, top posts, and vigorously promote your shop. Many of these techniques are slowly being explored.

profitability feasibility analysis:

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