Micro business go to sleep tell you no authoritative data

yesterday in the circle of friends forwarded an article about WeChat influence report article, I believe many people have seen, but for most people, especially the micro business, and can’t get something from this reason, is why Papi sauce that can be invested in and is brought to the headlines, and you can only see. Because, in the mobile Internet era, shallow reading has become a habit, pan entertainment content is more popular, she caught the essence of man. These answers can be verified in the following data.

let’s take a look at the main core data.


among them, there are 5 points that I am more concerned about, that is, with micro providers, electricity providers, media related things. Through these points of data summary, in fact, you can find that a lot of what you are doing may be wrong.

1, WeChat user portrait


the first conclusion, it may surprise everyone. Obviously I search nearby people, see the face of the United States is not the beauty of the face of the sister, how will it be more than men?.

if we believe that this survey is relatively objective and true, and then return to the real life, in fact, you will find that those beautiful pictures from a female WeChat, not a man in disguise, is a derivative. And then according to unofficial data in 2015, the micro business crowd, the number is about 10000000, to 2016 of today, we even if it is 20 million, it also accounts for about 5% of WeChat’s total number of users.

exaggerated point, because the threshold to do micro business is low, so anyone can do, perhaps already to 50 million, which also accounted for less than 10% of the total WeChat users. Therefore, the removal of less than 10% micro providers are all women, real more than 32% women, the rest of the use of WeChat is the proportion of real women may be less than 25%.

then, the first conclusion came, no wonder in my circle of friends are female Shuabing derivative, and heard all the money, the number is also a lot of over 10000 is relaxed, millions are also common. So, who did they make their money? Obviously, it was the women’s money. Because the entire WeChat female users, only 3. And from the following data can also be seen, 70% of the people, not more than 200 friends, belonging to the normal WeChat Messenger, rather than micro business for consumers. Now, do you still think that WeChat’s female business is a clear choice? I do not deny that the female market is huge, but whether it can only rely on WeChat to do it?

Then using

second data, the enterprise staff in more than 40%, then add up to the students, the business unit is about 25%, the two add up to more than 65%. So, we imagine, the situation of these people is how the enterprise employees, there should be a certain amount of spending power, and even some have

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