The optimization of Taobao how to set up shop shopkeeper keywords

is also on Taobao, Taobao search for shop optimization, keyword modification and store decoration, space layout, etc. can be collectively referred to as Taobao seo.

At present, Taobao

SEO is just a prototype, the majority of sellers, only pay attention to key modifications, and the shop, baby, the three part combined with the optimization search space should be the development direction of Taobao search, even in the future there will be specifically for the Taobao SEO as the current occupation, a website seo.

some ideas about Taobao SEO

a shop: Shop search optimization, my summary has three parts:

1, shop and shop, shop name popular way: store name (brand name + shop business types + features) + credit information (crown, diamonds) + promotions (shipping discounts, etc.) + specialty (original, foreign trade, factory direct supply etc.) < /p>

2, store information: shop address + shop introduction, the current store address in the user search is used more, but with the development of Taobao, the search for the proportion of the store will continue to rise

3, Taobao: now send sale and collocation is the embodiment of this point, although only in the shop page do a show, but Taobao will participate in the activities of the shops to increase the search coverage intention is very apparent.

two, Taobao keyword where?

, such as Taobao keyword set is: (basically covers the most easy to use in the online shopping words)

Taobao, dig treasure, online shopping, shopping, forum, alliance, buy, sell, 1 yuan, one yuan, computer, audio, MP3, MD, supplies, makeup, jewelry, watches, purchase, sale, rental, second-hand car,,,, and bargaining for prices, a price, auction, auction sell,


keyword role?

can be faster to search for the required resources, but also allows their resources to be more people to search!

what are the keywords used in Taobao


staff according to a period of time, which people search keywords appear in Taobao baby most likely and which baby high turnover ratio, including the popular commodities, so as to filter out certain keywords to orange in the home and the relevant page publicity


note: Taobao home page, Taobao category page, Taobao pop-up page will have a Taobao keyword in the promotion of screening out.

a lot of crown sellers are very important to the keywords, we are a good learning object!

what are the buyers doing?

90% Taobao people to open the home page, and not to search the baby immediately, but click on the Taobao recommended publicity with orange words >

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