Three tips for improving B2B community security

for the enterprise to improve business competitiveness, try to establish electronic cooperation relationship with key partners to this important third party business process can be simplified, save the processing cycle time and space, reduce the cost of doing business. With the growth of the number of electronic information sharing geometric, exchange and transmission of sensitive and confidential data is not an unexpected increase in the number of. There are also more opportunities for cyber criminals to steal valuable information. Business partners are facing unprecedented challenges, they must take advantage of the B2B community identity information to take feasible and effective data protection measures.

you can successfully build and maintain secure electronic data relationships with all business partners by following three simple tips.

1 update trade partner information

in view of the importance of data security, companies are paying close attention to their trading partner community. Most companies have trade with the B2B community that uses a lot of technology to exchange data. The challenge they face is how to keep up with the pace of change in the hundreds of thousands of partners, such as the partner’s contact information, the type of contact allowed, and the right to information. It also involves setting up a signaling system to notify partners of changes or problems in the community.

One of the best practices of the new

management is to let enterprise community partners to control the information, it’s like personal use LinkedIn enterprise website to make the notification such enterprises and send contact information or employment status changes associated. Fortunately, such as online self-service, B2B service entrance technology can help enterprises to easily achieve this point, when these conditions change, their trading partners will update the related information and automatically to all affected partner notification. This has also led to greater cooperation and enhanced business relationships between companies, while reducing the amount of time spent by each trading partner to manually upgrade information and possible mistakes. Empower your business partner to upgrade the relevant business information to make business easier and more effective.

2 ensures that all of the electronic interconnects are secure

Data exchange between

trading partners must be secure. The first step in achieving secure electronic business is to understand the technical capabilities of each trading partner.

if your audit considers the FTP or HTTP protocol to be unsafe, the next step is to migrate the link to a secure protocol, such as SSL or PGP, FTP or HTTP that contains data encryption. You can use one of the two modes to interact with the trading partner. You can also encrypt the data before the data is transmitted, and then allow your partner to decrypt it, or send an unencrypted file through a secure channel. Any kind of transmission is safe. Choose which method to use

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