Sign A Doraemon mainland exclusive online copyright Taobao to sell props


for Taobao and A Doraemon signed a cooperation site. Source: network

July 13th, Taobao officially announced the signing of A dream in the mainland Chinese exclusive online copyright.

got A dream of this "feelings" brand, Taobao will be from the two authorization, the full use up creative products. Two authorization means that Taobao’s business will be easier to get A Doraemon copyright. You want to A Doraemon authorized businesses, such as clothing, toys, stationery and other daily necessities of the seller, may apply to Taobao. Taobao will be screened and then submitted to the Japanese copyright duo A dream. Although the cumbersome process, Taobao did not completely direct authorization rights, but with Taobao backing, the business application A Doraemon has authorized a lot easier.

In addition to the

brand positioning, style, design, product positioning is consistent with the duo A dream is the need for strict censorship. Sometimes even a simple copy may also need to review A dream of copyright. Copyright down, the brand side use standard, operating habits, the publisher will A Doraemon detailed training on Taobao, to provide specific conditions of use.

actually, Taobao signed an exclusive license agreement mainland is not easy. According to the person in charge of Taobao’s mobile phone market official said, talking about the cooperation spent half a year Taobao, involving Alibaba from PC to mobile phones and other various departments of cooperation. Solemnly told reporters that from December last year, Taobao and Japan in terms of copyright. The first time to submit the results of the program bleak, 80% of the content has not passed. Until April of this year, the negotiations have made little progress.

in the June 1st children’s day this year, the entire mobile phone Taobao home page UI according to the A dream image to do a comprehensive change. For this UI, the Japanese surprise too worried, because before when it comes to cartoon authorization, mostly occurred in the field of physical goods. For example, to print a material image to a t-shirt. But the initial cooperation is not linked to A dream duo and Taobao products. The event, Taobao’s creative revision of the entire interactive interface, cooperation has made a breakthrough.

similar change and mobile phone Taobao entrance, Taobao combination of mobile phone camera shake interactive mode, developed in line with the A dream of the positioning of the product: the magic props, it also allows product managers brain hole wide open. The first few magical items including, "try makeup mirror", "bargain knife", "zoom" lamps etc..

to "try makeup mirror" as an example, the user enters the Taobao mobile phone, click on the search, similar to the small button beside the entrance camera is "try makeup mirror". In the state of the network, the phone is like a mirror to see the effect of my makeup. Of course, behind the butt of Taobao beauty products, users can choose according to their own needs.

online, Taobao in the coming year will launch a special universal week activities. Mainly introduced with Doraemon >

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