Ali financial ambition plain traditional banking challenges

The birth of

Ali a balance of treasure, may make the traditional banking system suffered serious storage pressure, the banking system is to know shortly before the outbreak of a serious shortage of funds, and thus triggered a wave of financial tsunami, the day the stock market plunged more than 5% over the past two years, a one-day drop of the deepest one magnitude. And according to the channel broke the news, after the balance of treasure was born 18 days after the storage volume has reached a total of $6 billion 600 million, in accordance with the speed of the stock to attract funds, and the traditional one of the top four banks.

Ali small loan asset securitization financial layout

Ali in recent years, there are two major financial strategies, one is to register small loan companies to provide financing services to SMEs, and this market is currently the traditional big banks are relatively easy to ignore the place of four. The balance of treasure and another core is now launched, this strategy is mainly aimed at providing convenience to retail finance, although not the largest farmers to the base, but according to the current growing white-collar today, Yu Ebao not only in the moment it has got rich capital, but also the purchase of tomorrow’s users therefore, the emergence of the balance of treasure, will undoubtedly bring a serious threat to the traditional storage channel four banks.

today, Ali small loan companies began to force the securities, the small loan securitization is undoubtedly a Ali financial strategy to upgrade, and securities will bring new possibilities into Ali, the value of assets, will certainly bring some risk to Ali’s assets, but it wants to engage in the securities industry, so not to resist risks consciousness is clearly impossible, so from this perspective, Ali is clearly ready, and securitization is an important direction of the future development of financial.

small loan securitization to Alipay will bring what

after Ali will be the asset securitization of small loan companies, Ali the next step will be how to layout? On the one hand, the balance of treasure Alipay will continue to bring the huge amount of money to Ali, on the other hand, how to make these funds gain more surplus value? In securitization is also developing trend. And this is further to the users of Alipay provides financial solutions diversification, because human beings are always greedy, when providing balance treasure of financial products, many users may therefore feel unsatisfied, financial income is not more attractive, so the new high-yield, high risk financial products will enter Alipay’s vision, a banking system function complete Alipay will make traditional banks feel a great threat.

not only that, according to the development trend of securitization, the next Ali financial strategy is more likely to get involved in the insurance business, which is currently worried about Ma Mingzhe Ali strategy, even peace will have to arilje imaginary enemy, is thinking of the total plan, but unfortunately Ali Internet centric, when has a user base large, controlled every financial strategy after the online payment platform will have a huge impact, but Ping An insurance in recent years also increased the network.

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