Reason analysis and forecast of future development trend of group buying website

group purchase website is now so hot, several major domestic Internet giants have been involved in this market, group purchase originator Groupon to enter the mainland market also participate in the competition, and the big market scale to obtain a large number of financing group purchase website. Whether it is a vertical group buying site or integrated buy site, the formation of a thousand regiment war". The management department has been the introduction of relevant management measures recently, the U.S. mission network and the happy network group purchase have started to cut business, many people began to doubt the group purchase mode, group purchase website how the future of it, finally there will be several


buy site is so popular for a reason. It solves the needs of consumers and businesses with the common consumer demand, meets their interests, and can also be developed. For ordinary consumers, the two models of the same commodity is the original price, a 50 percent off, the majority of consumers will be the first to buy discount merchandise. For example, the fare is 80 yuan, but the group purchase only 40 yuan, 40 yuan that this movie tickets will be very popular, as long as there is not much to buy obstacles, most consumers will choose, because there are a lot of benefits to them. For businesses, a buy if you can bring hundreds of thousands of orders, even if the profit is low, it is certainly willing to buy above the platform sales, unless their goods no longer need to expand sales. Of course, there are some businesses do not buy money or even lose money, but they can get the opportunity to promote the brand. For example, a newly opened the shop to the customer Hot pot, very little, that this shop can use the form of group purchase, will promote itself out, even if the beginning does not make money, only taste good, do not worry about the back, they also like to take this promotion.

is precisely because of the common needs of consumers and businesses, with the opportunity to develop e-commerce, buy site is so popular. Buy a website so popular is not buy site generally have the opportunity to foothold and development?

I believe that the group will eventually leave the site a few large sites and some have a vertical web site to survive. Group seems to meet the needs of multi – and they can also be developed. But this demand is not a wide range, long-term and more and more attention to the brand. Why? In the eyes of consumers, group purchase website now so many optional purchase is also very strong, in the face of many choices, they will give priority to the website brand and business brand, the more famous sites more popular, more famous merchants of goods or service more attractive, and can gather brand awareness is relatively high and the business often is the strength of the group purchase website. So, in the end there is no feature of the small and medium-sized website is difficult to develop. For businesses, new businesses or businesses need to enhance the popularity they may choose group purchase publicity, but this propaganda is not a long-term, because they need to guarantee profits; high brand awareness of businesses, their products or services are often able to attract a large number of consumers, they don’t even need to group purchase well development group purchase, more.

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