Beyond Groupon Wang Xing by virtue of what to win the battle of thousand regiments

introduction: a lot of friends, from the map, the school network, Fanfou, domestic network, the U.S. group…… Behind these sites have a name: Wang xing. Ten years of entrepreneurship, the current U.S. mission network became king of O2O. This article tells meituan how to win four thousand wars.


November 2008, Andrew · Mason Groupon launched in Chicago, the name of the site by group (Group) and coupon (coupons) combination, taking daily (One deal a day) preferential way to provide users with ultra low discount consumption.

October 2009, the company $30 million financing, in groups of technology companies in Silicon Valley became tomorrow star, Andrew · Mason began to consider the issue of internationalization, and he will face is the surge in the number of copycat companies in Europe, Canada, and in Chinese.

at the other end of the Pacific, Fanfou for a long time can not see the hope of dawn, this let Wang Xing the team began to consider what to do next. This time, Wang Xing has been on the Internet for many years, cause qualitative change, his theoretical level by leaps and bounds. In the white board Huaqingjiayuan, he told his friends drew a map of the three vertical and four horizontal:

at that time the mobile Internet is still in bud, can not see particularly clear. Wang Xing put Groupon into the intersection of social and business. From the later development of meituan, meituan is more suitable for the cross point on the mobile Internet and e-commerce, it is something.

on this basis, he continued the group purchase profit model: the development model of Internet marketing, the first stage is the portal, the profit model is advertising target customer is able to put expensive advertising companies. The second stage is the search engine, the service of small and medium enterprises, as long as you have tens of thousands of dollars will be able to buy keywords, advertising, all of a sudden the threshold will be reduced a lot, but also a lot of accuracy. The third stage is to buy, through the transaction to the consumer for more accurate promotion, service businesses are local small businesses. This form of Pyramid, Kentucky is group purchase service businesses, the spire is a portal service business, is in the middle of the search engine service businesses.

group purchase profit model is to reduce the advertising business investment, this part of the profits, so that consumers accounted for part of the benefit, group purchase website can also share a portion of the profits.

Wang Xing view of the group purchase profit model is the foundation of the U.S. mission network operation theory, in which thousands of dogfight in meituan always walk in a proper way, not guilty of directional mistake.

left to adhere to the rice no network team think Wang Xing think the whole model is very clear, feel this thing fly, began to do. The website is very fast, and it is ready for February 2010

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