How do you feel about contacting e commerce for two years

said the electronic commerce, I also contact for two years, but the "contact" two words more as the observation and the identity of the learners, and know that electronic commerce too need to practice, this is different from a lot of professional practice, so did a lot, to the company, do personal webmaster, do the project and so on; but in the school, also can not participate in the enterprise e-commerce business full-time. However, it is the case, I can take a study and observation of the role of researchers studying industry bigwigs summed up the real essence of hunger to collect all kinds of "dry cargo" data, constantly sum up, deepen their understanding of all aspects of the electricity supplier.

in the domestic electricity supplier, although in more than 10 years ago from concept, and the first 2 years before the official outbreak began to rise overall, the investment fever, burn heat, heat listed last year, but a short time, resulting in the field and generating capacity of knowledge is great; I’m just a very young learners. So, understanding of e-commerce, I dare not say that there is no qualification, but arbitrary, some part of the share slightly.

Although the domestic

e-commerce is from the beginning of the electricity business platform, the prototype is China pages, the official start of the platform is Alibaba and 8848, to today, the field of domestic B2B is relatively mature, the industry leader in Alibaba, global resources, HC, and Dunhuang, Made-in-China and Ecvv is also very good also, the formation of vertical segments in different industries, remember freshman year at a IC design company to do search engine optimization, the hands have mastered more than and 400 domestic and foreign B2B website resources, most of which are vertical B2B. The C2C field alone, Taobao strategy has loomed large, up ah, pat, eBay can not move. The platform they only provide e-commerce trading platform, do not make their own sales network, there are some results generally have relatively large, capital scale and small groups are not ordinary people can bear, circle of friends think many domestic electricity providers have full and comprehensive platform, personally agree. But the mature process of any industry to the two endpoints of the rules of the development of a large number of capital and is formed by large scale advantages such as threshold, to comprehensive, the other end is everyone looking for Industry niche market, the formation of more and more in-depth industry segments. So, personally feel that B2B, C2C field to do, there is still a chance. This point, the development of Etsy is not a vertical C2C inside a successful case?

but, often dwelling send generation and Eric’s friends also understand the situation, now the industry concern and discuss the most should be network marketing this, especially under the environment of B2B (network of retail and wholesale trade, the discussion is not much; for the emerging network network group purchase industry sales form here don’t talk), perhaps this, in comparison, more market opportunities, we are together in a "grassroots" more, so discuss and share a good atmosphere. There is an e-commerce model on personal blog before

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