Taobao is not just e commerce companies can not subvert one or two years

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background: grand a year and Ge Binbin about heroic utterance Taobao share in the market, the courage and boldness to the sea of Japan aftershocks, in view of the Ge Binbin brother gas through mountains and rivers of the spirit, my brother wrote an article, not to ge brother pour cold water, is like this, to the industry and the audience a clear rational judgment.

is not one or two years with Taobao score autumn, we must first make sure that Taobao is a what kind of company, so as to what extent is tied with people. All along, we have Chinese e-commerce as the standard bearer and leader, even twice electronic commerce is to open the Taobao store, visible on Taobao netizens’ brand how strong, let us work together to look at Taobao.

what is the big Taobao


concept, I remember in 2009 when the Taobao was profitable, today, we see Taobao dare to shield Baidu, dare to launch a search (a), dare to open platform development team dare to launch an annual income of more than tens of millions, like real estate channel life content. Do you still think that is just an e-commerce Taobao do? In the real world, which can cover most of what commodity businesses, our life, we will find that these businesses are in the oil, salt, China COFCO, electric power, and Taobao are the lives of Internet users integrated service provider.

big Taobao conference that year


not only want us in shopping, but also to let us live in Taobao, Taobao in the consumer level is to make the lives of Internet users in the Taobao online, themselves all meet. The merchants and sellers, Taobao continues to direct their attention to Taobao search, and guide them to try social marketing and brand building, relentlessly cultivate big sellers (though they know big sellers to Amoy), an open attitude to the construction of the ecological chain. Taobao is a large network of consumer ecosystems.

e-commerce has been a subset of Taobao

in the past, the industry pays little attention on Taobao C sellers, that eventually become climate, and now Taobao has a lot of annual sales of billions of dollars of big sellers, the sellers have e-commerce team technical team, their UI team, complete warehouse team, they are the real e-commerce company. In the past, more independent B2C and Taobao big sellers, usually say Taobao sellers in Taobao play, so they are not users, and now Taobao’s openness can make technology team big sellers to complete their analysis of various complex data statistics and business intelligence, while Taobao, PayPal are open openid login, side is to prove himself crazy burn alive, his side has been quietly alive, which is better?

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