418 Shopping Festival Suning and Tmall for the first time to achieve joint procurement


] April 18th news billion state power network, today, Alibaba and suning.com made "New Buy 418" Shopping Festival, billion state power network has learned, the Suning and Tmall sales data will be unified for the first time, a portion of the goods carried out joint procurement, to reduce procurement and management costs.

It is reported that

, key commodities Suning and Tmall joint procurement including traditional home appliances, 3C category, and the mother milk powder, diapers and other non electric detonation products.

today, suning.com and Tmall began to master the full screen interactive advertising. Suning.com said today, Suning Juhuasuan "private use" — all the pages are suning.com Juhuasuan Tmall channel, and will continue until April 19th.


It is reported that

, the 418 commodity price is 30 days before and after the lowest price, the next 72 hours after delivery, which, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing City, mobile phone, digital, home appliances distribution will be up to half a day.

‘s Su Ningyun COO Hou Enlong said, "in the past, we could only focus on how to make the price cheap, 418 tasks this year is the ecological chain Suning and Tmall products, traffic, sales, and service through experience."

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