Adhere to characteristics focus is Wangzhuan success

in China, many owners are busy living garbage station, and then rely on advertising or selling do portal flow and other means of access to income, and never did: just a blog can also make a lot of money? Their blog traffic at least hundreds of thousands, then millions more, really very admire. Let’s look at these blogs to make money ranking (this is the earlier data this year, the first few Alexa ranking fell badly):


income: about 2 million 400 thousand $/ year

: 2005-6

Alexa ranking: 646 (currently 2074)

PR value: 8

flow: 5 million PV/ month

profit model: buy ad. 350$/ week can only buy a text ad.

content themes: Technology


income: 2 million $/

: July 2005

Alexa Rank: 1474

PR value: 7

Author: 1

profit model: sell advertising. Text ads: 100$/ weeks; banner ad: 2000$/ week

content themes: Technology


income: 1 million 400 thousand $/

: 2004-9

Alexa Rank: 933

PR value: 6

flow: 4 million IP/ days

Author: 1

update: less 24 / day, more than 40 / day

profit model: sell advertising. 40000$/ days

content theme: Star


Revenue: more than $1 million per year

: 2000-1

Alexa Rank: 2180

PR value: 8

traffic: in 2007, PV was 22 million, IP was 2 million 600 thousand, the average amount of visits was 700 thousand / day, and the independent visitor was / day;

was 80 thousand

update: 20-40 articles per day

Author: 4


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