CCTV exposure Taobao QQ single brush group propaganda YY platform to fight

NetEase science and technology news March 16th news, for CCTV 3· 15 party, the report, Taobao official micro issued the first time social co governance, combat brush single call.

"thank CCTV exposure of the Internet brush this single grey black industry, let more people understand and resist this cancer." The paper said, although Taobao has been in a high pressure situation against scalping, technology upgrading, but the hand brush through the QQ group, QT group, WeChat group, empty voice packet network and YY voice chat room, and the huge hidden black express complete brush single chain, using the platform no enforcement power is helpless, like a stout the leech tightly adsorbed on the e-commerce platform and network world.

"We call on the

and strongly hope that the relevant law enforcement departments to crack down on the part of the national black industry practitioners, the formation of judicial precedent and efforts to combat effective and deterrent posture, purify the social credit environment." calls on platform for enterprises to act together, together, together to fight, do not give a variety of scalping behavior and organization to provide a single brush and a hotbed of base, let the grey and black ones lose asylum platform, to purify our network and life.

Taobao relevant responsible person said, Taobao has been on the business speculation zero tolerance, and this continued high pressure. As of March 15, 2016, the previous month, because of the alleged scalping problem, there are more than 220 thousand sellers were sentenced to drop right punishment Taobao, which means that it can not be fully displayed. And the seller is to cut down the right to synchronize the more than 390 thousand related brush single baby has been down right, with the relevant sales have been cleared. At the same time, more than 6 thousand sellers have serious scalping behavior by closed shop, more than 10 thousand sellers were sentenced to point penalty in different degree.

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