Be sure to design a good domain name brand

must design a station domain name brand – for the brand and build you happy forever.

if no good domain name brand construction site if you have failed to remember the scene first half, domain name registration, the first time the young impulse, newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, impulsively registered some think that there’s a million level domain name, actually this kind of thought is normal, but gradually found your domain name is not very regular, no major taste, only consciousness station brand name is so important. If you want to know a website of the important domain name brand construction, so I think you should seriously look at my article, perhaps you will benefit a lot, you can also be a bold challenge, when you read an article criticizing, your reading ability have reached a certain degree. Hu Shi once said, reading, going with question to learn knowledge, qucuqujing. Yeah, that’s what people read. Below, I want to express the concept of the brand.

what is a brand? A brand is a name, term, symbol, or design. Whether the brand has rules? Brand is not necessarily is the commonly used words of life, such as "Haier" and "Haier", why didn’t he call you straightaway "Haier", and called "Haier"? In fact, this is the brand building. The brand often is not necessarily a vocabulary, and is likely to be some combination of words, although you read a mouthful, but when you find that read, for a long time, the reason for the brand has by virtue of unwarranted reasons. For example, Google began to Chinese, thinking of a Google, not a skeleton, in fact this is a new word quilting students. It will also be a brand. For example, the school, perhaps in the past is not a record in the dictionary of words, there is no specific explanation in the dictionary. The school, is now a well-known SNS station, the school has been said to be a brand.

may, in many years ago, a salesman can take tens of thousands of single business, but now is what to rely on to sell it, or a salesman? No, I think it depends on the brand in the market. We think: even if you want to sell an unknown product, you need 100 salesman to sell, not compared to a brand on the nature, people to buy. So, and now the real success of the master hand in the hands of the master card is the brand in his hand. Similarly, if you take a stand, you don’t want to just be a waste of time, you will want your station construction has become a brand, then I think you must choose a good name for your website, whether it is creative or not, whether the words are not common or not no matter the words, I think It is quite common for it or not, you must design a good concept for your domain name, the concept of good, the key is to produce your brand.

when you build your brand, what you do is not just for money, but for something more noble than money

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